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Old Time Radio Horror

Inner Sanctum: Romance Gone Wrong (6 Hours On CD) by Inner Sanctum Mysteries

Raymond is the host with the most. . . skeletons in the closet, that is.

Welcome to the Inner Sanctum. Raymond Edward Johnson and Paul McGrath will be your playfully pernicious presenters, introducing eerie tales of scheming spouses and their deadly demands. It can ... read more


The Witch's Tale: 10 CDs by Alonzo Dean Cole

Alonzo Deen Cole, creator of The Witch's Tale, once said, "People like to be scared, just as they like to eat candy." From the depths of his imagination he conjured Old Nancy (played by Adelaide Fitz-Allen, Martha Wentworth and 13-year-old Miriam Wolfe) and her black cat, Sata ... read more