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Classic Science Fiction and Fantasy Paperbacks: Slightly Used, Sometimes Rare

Destination: Universe by A.E. van Vogt

Weird and terrifying adventures of men who dare to explore outer space.

Collection of ten short stories that were originally published in the pulps including Astounding Science Fiction, Thrilling Wonder Stories, and others.

Want to take a rockets ... read more


Hero's Walk by Robert Crane

An extraordinary novel of the future and one man's strange triumph.

IT HAD COME -- the dreaded bombardment from outer space. The mysterious voices had warned Earth; but ambition and vanity had driven a few powerful men to disregard the warnings.

Now Neil Ha ... read more


Mathew Swain in The Odds Are Murder by Mike McQuay
The 21st century's toughest private eye in a city so mean just staying alive is a full-time job. In a town like that, if Swain can't help you, it's time to start praying.

Swain wasn't betting on his future. He'd returned home, wasted and flat broke, to find the city r ... read more