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We are a specialty, online bookstore featuring the fantastic worlds of Pulp Fiction, Old Time Radio and Cliffhanger Serials. We have over a thousand different, brand new books, magazines, fanzines, audio cds and dvds for you to choose from. We also carry a limited selection of used and rare books, original pulp fiction magazines and other collectors items.

Online since May 10, 1996, we realize that this is a hobby for you and we want to make ordering as easy and hassle free as possible. If you are unhappy with what you receive, we'll make it right!

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Welcome to the Fantastical World
of Pulp Fiction!

Pulp Fiction Magazines ruled the newstands from the 1920s through World War II. Eye catching covers fronted the action packed stories of adventure of all types. The Pulp Fiction era launched new genres of story telling such as Science Fiction, Sword and Sorcery, and the Hardboiled Detective. It was also the birthplace to icons including Tarzan, Zorro and the Shadow.

And, it's a Whos Who list of authors including Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, Robert Heinlein, Robert E. Howard, HP Lovecraft and many, many more. Relive the fantastical world of Pulp Fiction through hundreds and hundreds of magazine replicas, hardback collections, fanzines and paperback novels here.

Pulp Fiction Central

The Spider Pulp Fiction Reprints

The Spider

The Spider strikes terror into the hearts of the most hardened criminals. He is proficient and unswerving, and deals swift justice, to those who prey upon the innocent. The Spider's trademark, stamped on the foreheads of those upon whom he has passed judgment, is a sinister warning to all denizens of the Underworld of his wraith--a hideous, blood red spider! Guns blazing, The Spider blasted through evil for over 10 years and 113 novel. Norvell Page's action packed writing propelled

The Spider

Doc Savage Pulp Fiction Reprints

Doc Savage

A daring experiment transmuted Clark Savage into the Herculean Man of Bronze. Welding five courageous soldiers of fortune into a Band of Iron, this invincible superman travels the world battling threats to humanity. Not since the days of King Arthur and Robin Hood has mankind known greater crusaders for justice.

Doc Savage

The Shadow

The Shadow

Sanctum Books brings us a new authorized series of pulp reprints featuring The Shadow. Each issue will contain two unabridged pulp adventures, re-typeset for easy reading including the original cover art and interior illustrations. Also included are introductory essays by Anthony Tollin and Will Murray. "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow Knows!"

The Shadow

Weird Tales Pulp Fiction Reprints

Weird Tales

The "Unique Magazine" provided an opportunity for a new generation of writers to develop their craft in the area of supernatural occult stories and what they termed "highly imaginative" stories. From this bold editorial viewpoint, sparked the literary careers of authors who are now regarded as the founding fathers of modern day horror and fantasy fiction.

Weird Tales

Old Time Radio

Old Time Radio

Enjoy Hours of Classic Family Fun with these Greatest Old-Time Radio Broadcasts on Re-mastered Audio Compact Discs. Experience first hand the suspense, the mystery and the laughs that radio listeners enjoyed 70 years ago. Old Time Radio is early 20th Century Pop Culture with the likes Orson Welles "War of the Worlds" panic broadcast, the antics of Abbott and Costello, Jack Benny, Fibber McGee, Lights Out, Suspense and hundreds of other radio programs that were household names of that era.

Old Time Radio on Audio CDs

Cliffhanger Serials

Cliffhanger Serials

Pulse Pounding... Thrills, Spills and Chills... Thrilling, Thundering and Throbbing... Breathless, Breakneck Adventure!

These were the terms and tag lines used to announce the weekly serial episode to an anxious crowd of fans each Saturday afternoon. These 20 minute chapter plays, lasting 12 to 15 episodes, were intended to warm up the audience for the big budget, feature movie but have long outlived many of the features in terms of popularity.

Cliffhanger Serials on DVD