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Doc Savage Reprint #14: Man of Bronze Land of Terror (Pulp Cover)
by Kenneth Robeson

The incredible origin of the first superhero... Doc Savage The Man of Bronze's origin story is revealed in the classic Lester Dent novels that launched the superhero genre, in an extra-length volume commemorating the 75th anniversary of Doc Savage's pulp debut. First, the mysterious death of Doc's father leads the Man of Bronze to the Central American republic of Hidalgo where they discover a lost Mayan empire in the mythical Valley of the Vanished. Can Doc defeat the Feathered Serpent and the Red Death and free King Chaac and the beautiful Princess Monja? Then, Doc Savage trails the murderous master villain Kar (who controls the deadly Smoke of Eternity) to prehistoric Thunder Island where Doc and his men fight for their very survival against terrifying dinosaurs. This collector's item pulp reprint features a never-before-published foreword and autobiographical essay by Lester Dent, Walter Baumhofer's classic pulp covers, interior illustrations by Paul Orban and commentary by popular culture historian Will Murray. Also available with the James Bama Man of Bronze paperback cover art version.



Doc Savage Reprint #62: The Flaming Falcons and The Too-Wise Owl (Pulp Cover)
by Kenneth Robeson

Two incredible tales by Kenneth Robeson Doc journeys to the Indo-China jungles to solve the strange enigma of The Flaming Falcons in an expanded novel restored from Lester Dent's original manuscript. What is the bizarre connection between The Too Wise Owl and the murder of Ham Brooks' brother? It must be a wise old bird indeed to trap Doc Savage into one of his most dangerous battles! Plus, "Supersnipe Smashes a Fifth Column Menace" by George Marcoux.



Doc Savage Reprint #49: The Terror in the Navy / Waves of Death
by Kenneth Robeson

"Doc was the Hercules of the '30s, the natural father of both Superman and James Bond." -TIME A daring experiment transmuted Clark Savage into the Herculean Man of Bronze. Welding five courageous soldiers of fortune into a Band of Iron, this invincible superman travels the world abttling threats to humanity. Not since the days of King Arthur and Robin Hood has mankind known greater crusaders for justice. A fatal force is destroying America's Naval fleet. Can Doc Savage end The Terror in the Navy before a weakened America falls victim to a foreign power? Doc Savage investigates bizarre 15-foot Waves of Death on Lake Michigan. Plus Doc Savage in the Golden Age of Comics and Radio!



Doc Savage Reprint #53: OST plus According to Plan of a One Eyed Mystic
by Kenneth Robeson

"Doc was the Hercules of the '30s, the natural father of both Superman and James Bond." -TIME Ost: The Man of Bronze follows his stolen dirigible to a magic island and discovers the lost city of Ost. According to Plan of a One-eyed Mystic: Renny Renwick awakens in the body of a fugitive gangster after encountering a strange impish man, but it's all According to Plan of a One-eyed Mystic. Plus a new historical essay by Will Murray.



Doc Savage Reprint #60: He Could Stop The World and The Laugh of Death (Pulp Cover)
by Kenneth Robeson

He Could Stop the World: A silver stratospheric craft showers vapors of death upon San Antonio, while cosmic rays alter Long Tom's mental makeup, in a tale that inspired an early Superman story. The Laugh of Death: The Laugh of Death could change the outcome of World War Two in the novel that introduced Doc's new Fortress of Solitude! Plus: "The Pharaoh's Wisodom," a classic from the Golden Age of Radio.



Doc Savage Reprint #61: The Man Who Fell Up and The Three Wild Men
by Kenneth Robeson

The pulp era's greatest superman returns in two titanic tales by Lester Dent writing as "Kenneth Robeson." First, the unbelievable sight of The Man Who Fell Up sets Doc and Pat Savage on the trail of the Man of Bronze's missing aides and a super-weapon that could change the course of World War II. . Then, the FBI wrongly links Doc Savage and his aides to brutal outbreaks of mindless insanity! Can the Man of Bronze elude the G-Men long enough to solve the incredible mystery of The Three Wild Men? This double-novel collector's edition features both original color pulp covers by Emery Clarke and Charles DeFeo, Paul Orban's classic interior illustrations and historical commentary by Will Murray, author of ten Doc Savage novels..



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