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The Shadow Radio Treasures (9 CDs)
by The Shadow

Radio listeners first heard the sinister laugh of The Shadow on July 31, 1930. This 80th anniversary treasury includes two never-before-released shows starring Orson Welles and Margot Stevenson - "Revenge on the Shadow" and "The Hospital Murders"- from previously lost transcription records. This 9-Hour digitally restored and remastered collection also includes the premiere broadcast of the 1937 radio revival, Agnes Moorehead's final network appearance as Margot Lane, and performances by Bill Johnstone, Bret Morrison, Marjorie Anderson, Grace Matthews, Lesley Woods, Richard Widmark, Kenny Delmar, Ken Roberts, Frank Readick, James LaCurto, and more. The Shadow's concealed confrontations with mad scientists, evil mystics, and political players…his menacing meddling in the affairs of religious cults and gamblers…his enigmatic escapades all over the globe, from Broadway theaters to exotic Egypt still thrill after 8 decades! Includes Program Guide by Anthony Tollin with photographs and background information about the series. EPISODES INCLUDE: The Death House Rescue 09-26-37 The Phantom Voice 02-06-38 The Bride of Death 03-06-38 The White Legion 03-20-38 Revenge on the Shadow 07-31-38 The Hospital Murders 08-14-38 The Man Who Murdered Time 01-01-39 (Broadcast 08-20-39) Prelude to Terror 01-29-39 Can the Dead Talk? 03-19-39 The Shadow Returns 11-19-39 The Sandhog Murders 11-26-39 The Stockings Were Hung 12-24-39 Death in a Minor Key 09-29-40 The Shadow Challenged 01-19-41 Etched with Acid 03-17-46 Murders on the Main Stem 12-15-46 Spider Boy 06-01-47 The Comic Strip Killer 11-23-47



The Shadow Bitter Fruit (9 CDs)
by The Shadow

The weed of crime bears bitter fruit...and if criminals cultivate the crops, it is The Shadow will do the reaping! Hear The Shadow fight crime, as he becomes both the stalker and the stalked, in an assortment of tales featuring some of his most exciting encounters with some of the series most sinister scoundrels. Whether matching wits against a spy, a madman, a monster or a psychotic killer, he forces his foes to face the stark realization that crime does not pay! This collection includes the previously lost episode The Mine Hunters, starring Orson Welles, which is available here for the first time since its original broadcast - plus three newly sourced recordings of episodes from the 1938 BF Goodrich sponsored season, and a Program Guide by radio historian Martin Grams, Jr. The 18 digitally restored and remastered episodes featured here star Orson Welles, Bill Johnstone, and Brett Morrison as The Shadow, with Agnes Moorehead, Margot Stevenson, Marjorie Anderson, Lesley Woods and Grace Matthews as Margot Lane. Episodes include: Temple Bells of Neban 10-24-37 Circle of Death 11-28-37 The Death Triangle 12-12-37 Sabotage 01-16-38 Society of the Living Dead 01-23-38 Poison Death 01-30-38 Death from the Deep 04-03-38 The Mine Hunters 08-07-38 Cavern of Death 08-21-38 Death Stalks The Shadow 10-09-38 Murder in Death House 01-07-40 Curse of Shiva 12-01-40 Death Prowls at Night 03-23-41 Death on the Rails 04-13-41 The Gibbering Things 09-26-43 The Walking Corpse 03-24-46 The Shadow's Revenge 05-11-47 Nursery Rhyme Murders 02-22-48



Doc Savage Reprint #71: Angry Ghost and The Disappearing Lady
by Kenneth Robeson

Two Haunting Pulp Chillers by Kenneth Robeson The Angry Ghost America's security is threatened by The Angry Ghost that brings horrific destruction to the U.S. costal defenses! The Disappearing Lady Doc Savage unravels the million-dollar blackmail and murder scheme of The Disappearing Lady in a thriller illustrated by comics legend Bob Powell.



The Shadow Reprint #89: Treasures of Death and The Yellow Door
by Maxwell Grant

Discovery of the theft of Treasures of Death brings fatal consequences, but The Shadow knows that it's only the prelude to greater super crimes! The world's greatest criminals pass through The Yellow Door until the Man in Black uncovers the deadly secrets behind the sinister portal. Plus, an illustrated adventure of NORGIL THE MAGICIAN by Walter B. Gibson.



Doc Savage Reprint #72: Purple Dragon and Colors for Murder
by Kenneth Robeson

Two startling stories of strange menace by Kenneth Robeson The Purple Dragon Graduates of Doc Savage's Crime Collage revert to their earlier evil ways, leading the Man of Bronze into a deadly confrontation with an uncanny trickster and the Purple Dragon. Colors of Menace A failed murder attempt and a gorgeous damsel set Doc, Monk and Ham on the trail of an evil mastermind. Plus, "A Journey into Oblivion", a radio thriller by Edwin Gruskin.



The Shadow: Strange Puzzles (9 CDs)
by The Shadow

Music, madness, death and darkness face amateur criminologist Lamont Cranston and The Shadow. In the midst of the most classic of mystery motifs - from foreboding castles to frame ups - he unravels each remarkable riddle. From elusive treasure to conclusive evidence: How? Why? And, who dunnit? Let your curiosity lead you through two newly discovered Orson Welles episodes, available here for the first time since their original broadcasts in 1938 - "He Died at Twelve" and "The Black Buddha." Consider the clues in more classic episodes starring Bill Johnstone and Bret Morrison as the cloaked crusader. Ask yourself, is that really Ken Roberts singing in "Tenor With a Broken Voice"? The Shadow producer and scriptwriter Edith Meiser once said, "A mystery is just a puzzle solved by the detective." Of course, the 18 cases in this digitally restored and remastered collection are cracked by…The Shadow! Includes Program Guide by William Nadel with photographs and background information about the series. EPISODES INCLUDE: Tenor With a Broken Voice 06-05-38 He Died At Twelve 07-10-38 The Black Buddha 09-04-38 Traffic in Death 09-25-38 Murder in E Flat 12-04-38 Phantom Fingerprints 10-29-39 Mansion of Madness 11-05-39 Death Shows the Way 12-03-39 Murderer's Vanity 03-17-40 The Case of the Three Frightened Policemen 11-16-41 They Killed With a Silver Hatchet 05-26-46 Makeup For Murder 12-01-46 The Shadow of Suspicion 12-29-46 The Bones of the Dragon 01-11-48 Reflection of Death 05-09-48 The Giant of Madras 05-16-48 Murder at Dead Man's Inn 09-12-48 Murder by a Corpse 10-31-48



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