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Doc Savage Reprint #33: Quest of Qui and The Devil's Playground
by Kenneth Robeson

After johnny Little john vanishes while trailing a centuries old Viking ship that materialized off Long Island, Doc Savage ventures north on a Quest of Qui. Then, the Man of Bronze travels to Michigan's North Woods to investigate tomahawk attacks and a murderous Indian spirit that lurks within The Devil's Playground. Plus, "The Men Behind Doc Savage". Also available with the James Bama variant cover.



The Shadow: Knight of Darkness (9 CDs)
by The Shadow

Radio Spirits is very pleased to present radio's greatest crime fighter, The Shadow, in this new collection of eighteen digitally restored and remastered episodes selected from the classic series. Featuring Orson Welles, William Johnstone and Bret Morrison each in the title role, this set also includes the first release of two newly discovered and previously lost episodes starring Orson Welles as Lamont Cranston and The Shadow - "The Old People" and "The Trumpet of Death". Also starring in this collection are Margot Stevenson, Agnes Moorehead, Marjorie Andersen and Grace Matthews as The Shadow's lovely companion Margot Lane, and a supporting cast including Kenny Delmar, Alan Reed, Everett Sloane and more! One of the 20th century's most iconic fictional characters, listen to the sinister laugh and discover "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?" Included in this collection is a Program Guide by radio historian Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. with photographs and background information about the shows. INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING EPISODES: CD 1 Hounds in the Hills - 2/20/1938 and The Creeper - 5/29/1938 CD 2 The Old People - 6/26/1938 and The Voice of the Trumpet - 7/3/1938 CD 3 Horror in Wax - 2/26/1939 and Sabotage in the Air - 3/5/1939 CD 4 Appointment with Death - 3/12/1939 and Can the Dead Talk? - 3/19/1939 CD 5 The Return of Carnation Charlie - 2/4/1940 and Death is an Art - 2/11/1940 CD 6 Carnival of Death - 11/10/1940 and Death to the Shadow - 3/12/1944 CD 7 Blood Money - 10/20/1946 and The Ruby of Karvahl - 10/19/1947 CD 8 Terrible Legend of Crownshield Castle - 12/28/1947 and Terror at Wolf's Head Knoll - 2/15/1948 CD 9 The Man Who Was Death - 2/29/1948 and Stake Out - 3/14/1948



The Shadow Crime Does Not Pay! (9 CDs)
by The Shadow

Bill Johnstone and Bret Morrison star as amateur criminologist Lamont Cranston, alias The Shadow, "a man of wealth, a student of science, and master of other people's minds" who has devoted his life to "righting wrongs, protecting the innocent, and punishing the guilty." Whether he is confronting scientists or spirits, whether he is mastering mystics or machines, whether he is facing fiends or the forces of nature, it is all a question of mind over matter, mind over mind, and mind over murder! Featured in this collection are 18 digitally remastered mysteries, including two newly discovered episodes featuring Bill Johnstone as The Shadow that are available here for the first time since their original broadcasts! Includes a Program Guide by radio historian and voice recognition expert William Nadel. Episodes Include: Gun Island 10-23-38, The Isle of Fear 10-30-38, Black Rock 11-13-38, Fountain of Death 11-27-38, Murder By Rescue 12-11-38, The Plot That Failed 03-24-40, The Isle of the Living Dead 10-13-40, The Leopard Strikes 01-05-41, Death Speaks Twice 02-15-42, Death Gives an Encore 02- 22-42, The Crystal Globe 10-03-43, The Ghost Without a Face 03-10-46, Mind Over Murder 03-31-46, The Ghost Wore a Silver Slipper 04-07-46, The Gorilla Man 04-21-46, The White Witchman of Lawaiki 05-06-46, The Bride Wore Black 05-12-46, The Touch of Death 05-19-46



The Shadow Reprint #34: The Blackmail Ring and Murder for Sale
by Maxwell Grant

"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!" The Dark Avenger investigates criminal conspiracies in two classic pulp thrillers! From the back alleys of Paris to the manor homes of New England, The Shadow follows a twisting trail of extortion to confront The Blackmail Ring. Then, The Shadow infiltrates Philadelphia to battle another "finger" of The Hand in Murder For Sale. Plus, "The Shadow of Funky Winkerbean" by Tom Batiuk.



The Shadow Reprint #64: Death Rides The Subway
by Maxwell Grant

The Master of Darkness investigates baffling mysteries in two classic pulp novels by Walter B. Gibson writing as "Maxwell Grant." First, The Shadow must unravel the baffling mystery of The Ribbon Clues to stop a serial killer and unearth hidden millions! Then, to unmask a diabolical super-crook, The Shadow follows a bizarre trail of murder that leads from San Francisco to Chicago and Manhattan as Death Rides the Skyway in an thrill-packed tale of industrial sabotage and deadly greed. This instant collector's item showcases both classic pulp covers by George Rozen and the original interior illustrations by legendary artist Tom Lovell, with historical commentary by Will Murray.



Doc Savage Reprint #42: The Men Who Smiled No More and The Pink Lady
by Kenneth Robeson

A brain-deadening epidemic lures Doc and his aides into a zombie trap as the become The Men Who Smiled No More. Then, the arson death of the weirdly pigmented Pink Lady set Doc Savage and his Iron Men on one of their strangest quests.



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