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The Shadow Reprint #66: Foxhound plus The Ghost of the Manor
by Maxwell Grant

Presenting the novels that inspired the first Shadow featured films plus long-buried behind the scenes cinema secrets of The Shadow Strikes and International Crime. First, in The Ghost of the Manor, the bizarre terms of a dead man's will lead to a series of murders that could condemn an innocent man! Then, in Fox Hound, the Dark Avenger hunts a sadistic blonde murderess and the masked supervillain known as Foxhound. Plus, "The Shadow Strikes Out" by Ed Hulse.



Doc Savage Reprint #70: The All White Elf plus The Wee Ones
by Kenneth Robeson

Two Haunting Pulp Chillers by Kenneth Robeson TheAll-White Elf What was this amazing, fantastic power that threatened the world? Read this great novel and be thrilled by Doc Savage's fight against The All White Elf The Wee Ones Reports of a strange miniaturized woman set Doc on the trail of TheWee Ones. Plus, "The Men Behind Doc Savage"



The Shadow Reprint #70: The Man From Scotland Yard and Zemba
by Maxwell Grant

The Shadow infiltrates the Parisian underworld in pursuit of Zemba and his deadly Apaches in the pulp era's most acclaimed masterpiece of misdirection! Then the Shadow investigates a spy ring and the mystery of The Man from Scotland Yard. Plus, "Around the World with the Shadow" by Anthony Tolin.



The Shadow Reprint #59: The Green Box plus The Getaway Ring
by Maxwell Grant

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow Knows! Two thrilling novels of mystery and intrigue The Green Box What is the strange secret of the Green Box that is worth human life? The Shadow seeks the deadly answer in the classic tale that introduced Hawkeye and Tapper. The Getaway Ring The shadow investigates The Getaway Ring which helps mobster evade capture via a modern-day "underground railway." Plus "The Crawling Death," a lost thriller scripted by radio shadow Bret Morrison!



The Shadow Reprint #58: Castle of Crime and Dead Man's Chest
by Maxwell Grant

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow Knows! Two thrilling novels of mystery and intrigue The Castle of Crime: The Shadow and G-man Vic Marquette hunt enemy agents sabotaging maritime shipping from a sinister Castle of Crime. Dead Man's Chest: A sea captain's dying words lead to serial slayings along the long-buried trail to a Dead Man's Chest and Cuban gold!



The Shadow Radio Treasures (9 CDs)
by The Shadow

Radio listeners first heard the sinister laugh of The Shadow on July 31, 1930. This 80th anniversary treasury includes two never-before-released shows starring Orson Welles and Margot Stevenson - "Revenge on the Shadow" and "The Hospital Murders"- from previously lost transcription records. This 9-Hour digitally restored and remastered collection also includes the premiere broadcast of the 1937 radio revival, Agnes Moorehead's final network appearance as Margot Lane, and performances by Bill Johnstone, Bret Morrison, Marjorie Anderson, Grace Matthews, Lesley Woods, Richard Widmark, Kenny Delmar, Ken Roberts, Frank Readick, James LaCurto, and more. The Shadow's concealed confrontations with mad scientists, evil mystics, and political players…his menacing meddling in the affairs of religious cults and gamblers…his enigmatic escapades all over the globe, from Broadway theaters to exotic Egypt still thrill after 8 decades! Includes Program Guide by Anthony Tollin with photographs and background information about the series. EPISODES INCLUDE: The Death House Rescue 09-26-37 The Phantom Voice 02-06-38 The Bride of Death 03-06-38 The White Legion 03-20-38 Revenge on the Shadow 07-31-38 The Hospital Murders 08-14-38 The Man Who Murdered Time 01-01-39 (Broadcast 08-20-39) Prelude to Terror 01-29-39 Can the Dead Talk? 03-19-39 The Shadow Returns 11-19-39 The Sandhog Murders 11-26-39 The Stockings Were Hung 12-24-39 Death in a Minor Key 09-29-40 The Shadow Challenged 01-19-41 Etched with Acid 03-17-46 Murders on the Main Stem 12-15-46 Spider Boy 06-01-47 The Comic Strip Killer 11-23-47



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