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Pulp Double #14: Slaves of the Murder Syndicate / Pirates From Hell

by Grant Stockbridge

Pulp Reprint with 2 Action Packed Spider Adventures. Pulp sized magazine reprint with the type reset for easy reading. Includes original interior illustrations but no extra stories or ads.

The Spider Magazine, #29 February 1936: SLAVES OF THE MURDER SYNDICATE

Tiny darts tipped with a strange and deadly drug wreak destruction on the populace, sending them into the convulsions of an evil death-dance! The Spider is needed more than ever to battle this terrible Eastern menace... and yet, as Richard Wentworth he finds himself betrayed into the hands of the police... betrayed by Nita van Sloan!

The Spider Magazine, #83 August, 1940: PIRATES FROM HELL

A pirate calling himself LaFitte recreates history and plunders not ships of sea, but trains and their vital cargo! Like his predecessor of the same name, LaFitte hands out merciless death to those he crushes in his path. White slavery... fiendish tortures... no method is too foul for the pirate and his savage crew of murdering cut-throats!

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Format: Paperback
First Published: 1936

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