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L. Ron Hubbard in the Golden Age of Pulp Fiction

L. Ron HubbardWith 19 New York Times bestsellers and more than 230 million copies of his works in circulation, L. Ron Hubbard is among the most acclaimed and widely read authors of our time. As a leading light of American Pulp Fiction through the 1930s and '40s, he is further among the most influential authors of the modern age. Indeed, from Ray Bradbury to Stephen King, there is scarcely a master of imaginative tales who has not paid tribute to L. Ron Hubbard.

"The fascinating thing to me is that L. Ron Hubbard's fantasy stories, first published fifty to sixty years ago, are not dated in style, content or language. They are as freash and interesting for times right now as they were when he conceived them." -- Anne McCaffrey

"A master of the fast action short story." -- Robert A. Heinlein

"A super-writer of the Golden Age of Science Fiction." -- A.E. van Vogt

"A steady diet of fantasy such as 'Dangerous Dimension'... I assure you that I laughed myself sick over it. Some more from L. Ron Hubbard, please." -- Isaac Asimov

"...a huge capacity for big adventure, big color, very dramatic colorful locales, urgent suspense and fascinating characters with fascinating histories." -- Tim Powers.

Publisher's Weekly gives a starred review and says about Orders Is Orders:
"Demonstrating his unique ability to relate even the most complicated story with a keen eye for detail and realism, Hubbard's stunning writing ability and creative imagination set him apart as one of the greatest literary figures of the 20th century."

"One of my all-time favorite writers! On par with Jack London, Edgar Rice Burroughs and Dashiell Hammett." George Clayton Johnson author of Logan's Run.

"L. Ron Hubbard does what good science fiction always does: gives the reader a healthy sense of wonder. And why shouldn't he? After all, Hubbard helped invent modern science fiction." -- Robert J. Sawyer.


L. Ron Hubbard: Master Storyteller by L. Ron Hubbard

Master Storyteller is a richly informative and colorful tour of L. Ron Hubbard's extraordinary career as a popular fiction author.

This comprehensive chronology of his work is replete with factual and detailed information about his novels and stories and the brillian ... read more


Branded Outlaw by L. Ron Hubbard

When Lee Weston's father writes him that an old enemy, Harvey Dodge, is back in town, Lee rides out in a hurry from Wyoming to Pecos, New Mexico only to find his father murdered and the family ranch burned to the ground. Certain that Dodge is to blame, Lee sets off to settle t ... read more


Cargo of Coffins by L. Ron Hubbard

He was the last man Lars Marlin had expected to see in Rio de Janeiro -- and it took all of his willpower not to slay him on the spot.

Paco Corvino was a smooth-talking and slippery con man, a contraband runner, and escaped convict . . . not to mention murderer. He a ... read more


Danger in the Dark by L. Ron Hubbard

After Billy Newman strikes gold while mining in the Phillipines, he believes Lady Luck favors him so much that he buys his own South Seas island for a bargain price . . . or so he thinks.

But when the natives fall ill from plague and crops start failing, the tribal c ... read more


Dead Men Kill by L. Ron Hubbard

When several of the city's most respected citizens are inexplicably killed by what appear to be zombies, all Detective Terry Lane has to go on is a blue-grey glove, a Haitian pharmacy bill for some very unusual drugs and a death threat from a mysterious stranger.

Mat ... read more


Hostage to Death by L. Ron Hubbard

Legionnaire Bill Reilly was given specific orders to guard a railroad station where nightly trains carrying Spanish supplies and troops pass by. He would have done so had it not been for a severed hand that arrived in his camp. The grizzled token carried a taunting message fro ... read more


Hurtling Wings by L. Ron Hubbard

Racer and test pilot Cal Bradley flies in the National Air Meet to capture valuable air mail contracts. But Cal faces an unscrupulous competitor and a gorgeous dame who may spell his ruin as the planes take flight.

Originally published in the November 1934 issue of ... read more


If I Were You by L. Ron Hubbard

Circus dwarf Little Tom Little is the king of midgets, loved by crowds and carnival folk alike. Only he doesn't just want to be a bigger circus star, he wants to be just like the circus' tall and imposing leader.

Trouble begins the moment that a set of ancient books ... read more


On Blazing Wings by L. Ron Hubbard

David Duane, artist, adventurer and air ace, discovers his destiny awaiting him inside a mystery-shrouded Finnish city of golden minarets. As Duane bravely confronts and challenges his fate, the action swirls to an explosive climax amidst a fierce aerial dogfight with an unexp ... read more


Orders is Orders by L. Ron Hubbard

The Japanese have led a heavily armored assault against the Chinese city of Shunkien, pounding wreckage into ashes and wiping out a city dating back to Genghis Khan. One of the few buildings still standing is the small American consulate, now packed with one hundred and sixtee ... read more



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