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Lester Dent

(1905-1959) U.S. Author of 43 Doc Savage novels plus a number of other detective and adventure stories. Although Mr. Dent is most well known as the original and primary author for the Doc Savage series, his writing career and professional life included many other accomplishments.

From treasure hunter to rancher, from businessman to pilot, Lester Dent was a man of adventure much like his heroes. His writing career, in addition to the pulps, included the slicks, paperbacks, radio, and television.

Not only will you enjoy the action, adventure and heroes of these stories, you may notice that some of the characters appear to have been prototypes for some of your favorite characters later on down the line.

A Lester Dent Bibliography by Will Murray

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Dusty Trant -- Road Agent by Lester Dent
Fear Ranch by Lester Dent
Murder Street by Lester Dent
One Billion -- Gold! by Lester Dent
Range Bats by Lester Dent
The Bat Trap by Lester Dent
The Finger by Lester Dent
The Frozen Flight by Lester Dent
The Gun Quest by Lester Dent


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Attic Revivals #2 by Bernard A. Drew


Product Format: Magazine

Doc Savage Reprint #1: Fortress of Solitude / Devil Genghis (Bama Cover) by Kenneth Robeson
The Shadow Reprint #1: Golden Vulture / Crime Insured by Maxwell Grant


Product Format: Paperback

Genius Jones by Lester Dent


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