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Robert Leslie Bellem


Gallows Heritage: Surgeon of Souls Vol. 2 by Robert Leslie Bellem
Four new stories from the creator of Dan Turner, Robert Leslie Bellum. Come explore the strange world of Dr. Zarkov, the mysterious world of the Surgeon of Souls! Stories included:

GALLOWS HERITAGE - originally appeared in Spicy Myster ... read more


High Adventure #89: Madame Murder by Robert Leslie Bellem and W.T. Ballard

From the pages of December, 1940 issue of Super Detective comes the Spicy version of Doc Savage from the joint writing team of Robert Leslie Bellem and W.T. Ballard.

Rado Ruric, world's master criminal, returns! Jim Anthony loses his sweetheart and finds a mysteriou ... read more


Dan Turner Hollywood Detective # 2 by Robert Leslie Bellem

Featuring DRUNK, DISORDERLY and DEAD by Robert Leslie Bellem. How could Dan Turner have known that her scandalous exhibition at the Cafe La Bomba was only the curtain raiser before a lurid drama of cold-blooded, vengeful murder.

Plus 7 other novelettes and short stor ... read more


Replica: Spicy Detective March 1936 by Spicy Adventure

Featured story: "Frozen Blood" by E. Hoffman Price. It's a tough trail Cliff Cragin hits; but it leads from one beautiful girl to another... and that helps make up for almost everything... everything except murder.

Plus, "A Million in Celluloid" by Robert Leslie ... read more


Replica: Spicy Detective October 1934 by Spicy Detective

Featuring "Murder at Malibu" by Robert Leslie Bellem. Dan Turner tangles with grim killers, a gorgeous girl, and a dead man, to force a double-twist surprise showdown!

Also, "Red Headed Alibi" by E. Hoffman Price. Reckless love spins a grim web at the Mardi Gras, as ... read more


Replica: Spicy Mystery August, 1935 by Spicy Mystery
A page-for-page reprint of the Spicy Mystery Stories for August, 1935. Stories include "The Executioner" by Robert Leslie Bellem, "Naga's Kiss" by E. Hoffman Price, "Dead Legs Walk" by Jerome Severs Perry, and 7 other stories. ... read more


Replica: Spicy Mystery January 1937 by Spicy Mystery

Featuring "I Am a Monster" by Robert Leslie Bellem. Never in history had a man been such a travesty of a human being, loving life, craving love before all else, but so hideous women recoiled in horror.

Also, "Macabre Gold" by Arthur Wallace. The girl loved him and p ... read more


Replica: Spicy Mystery June 1936 by Spicy Mystery

Featuring "Surgeon of Souls" by Robert Leslie Bellem. "You must cast out your cancer of hate!" warned the mysterious old man. "You must forgive this girl or she will cause your death!" but Bannister wouldn't listen. A woman had betrayed him -- now she must suffer!

Pl ... read more


Replica: Spicy Mystery June, 1935 by Spicy Mystery

A page-for-page replica of the June, 1935 issue of Spicy Mystery. Stories include: