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Dr. Yen Sin at the Vintage Library

Dr Yen Sin

The Mystery of the Dragon's Shadow
by Donald E. Keyhoe

Out of the teeming East had come Dr. Yen Sin -- saffron skinned wizard of crime -- bringing to the capital of the West all the ancient Devil's lore at his command -- and a horde of Asian Hell-born to help him spawn it.

Volume 1 Issue # 1: May / June 1936

Dr Yen Sin

The Mystery of the Golden Skull
by Donald E. Keyhoe

Dr. Yen Sin sets up his hell-base in New York and under the banner of the Golden Skull, once again locks horns with Michael Traile, the Man Who Never Sleeps, and his partner Eric Gordon.

Volume 1 Issue # 2: July/August 1936

Dr Yen Sin

The Mystery of the Singing Mummies
by Donald E. Keyhoe

To the teeming city of the Golden Gate the sinister Doctor Yen Sin had transferred his base of operations -- and there, under cover of the fog shrouded Frisco night, he set loose the most ghastly weapon in his whole armory of mysterious torture devices -- the Curse of the Singing Mummies.

Volume 1 Issue # 3: September / October 1936







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