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Ace G-Man Stories and the Suicide Squad

When it comes to fighting gangsters, racketeers, and the mob, America calls on its most courageous, strongest, and toughest men to go undercover and fight for all Americans!

From March 25, 1936 to April, 1943, Ace G-Man Stories became a leader in the G-Man genre largely due to their series characters, and mainly due to the 22 exciting stories about The Suicide Squad, written by the author of the Operator 5 Purple Invasion saga, Emile C. Tepperman.


Suicide Squad Publication History in Ace G-Man

  • Mr. Zero and the Suicide Squad -- May 1939
  • Suicide Squad Reports for Death -- July 1939
  • The Suicide Squad's Last Mile -- September 1939
  • The Suicide Squad Pays Off -- Nonvember 1939
  • Coffins for the Suicide Squad -- January 1940
  • Suicide Squad - Dead or Alive! -- April 1940
  • Shells for the Suicide Squad -- June 1940
  • The Suicide Squad's Murder Lottery -- August 1940
  • The Suicide Squad and the Murder Bund -- November 1940
  • The Suicide Squad in Corpse Town -- January 1941
  • The Coffin Barricade -- March 1941
  • The Tunnel Death Built -- May 1941
  • Wanted--In Three Pine Coffins -- September 1941
  • The Suicide Squad's Private War -- December 1941
  • For Tomorrow We Die -- February 1942
  • The Suicide Squad's Dawn Patrol -- April 1942
  • The Suicide Squad Meets the Rising Sun -- June 1942
  • So Sorry, Mr. Hirohito! -- August 1942
  • Move Over Death! -- October 1942
  • Targets for the Flaming Arrows -- December 1942
  • Blood, Sweat, and Bullets -- February 1943
  • The Suicide Squad and the Twins of Death -- April 1943


Suicide Squad Available in Electronic Format

  • Suicide Squad Reports for Death From the July, 1939 issue of Ace G-Man Kerrigan, Murdoch, and Klaw are marked for death by an Underworld master who had founded a criminal Army of Death!
  • Suicide Squad - Dead or Alive! From the April, 1940 issue of Ace G-Man. When gangsters take over the political and law enforcement branches of the government, only the Suicide Squad can end the reign of terror!


Suicide Squad Books For Sale

High Adventure #66: Suicide Squad Special Edition
When the G-Man craze hit the pulps, Kerrigan, Murdoch, and Klaw, better known as the Suicide Squad, led the way.

High Adventure brings us four classic Suicide Squad stories straight from the pages of Ace G-Man Magazine including: "The Suicide Squad Meets the R ... read more


The Secret 6 Classics: League of the Grateful Dead by Emile C. Tepperman

Mr. Zero and the F.B.I. Suicide Squad
One for all, and all for one-even in death-was the fighting creed of the three wildest, gun-swinging law aces of the F.B.I.!

The Suicide Squad Pays Off
The black sheep of the F.B.I. turn a terror-ridden t ... read more


The Secret 6 Classics: Return Engagement with Death by Emile C. Tepperman

Six classic stories starring The Suicide Squad by Emile C. Tepperman

"The Suicide Squad Reports for Death"
Kerrigan, Murdoch and Klaw in a smashing FBI novel -- in all the service they were the law's toughest, shield- bearing crime fighters -- and their ... read more