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Modern Pulp

Today's writers are still capturing the excitement and adventure of the pulp era. By setting their stories in the 1930's, capturing the hard boiled genre in a modern noir setting, or creating a modern day hero who can stand alongside the great pulp hero of that bygone era today's authors are providing us with some great entertainment.


Groucho Marx, Secret Agent by Ron Goulart
It could be said that in this episode Groucho Marx operates as a Hollywood-style Scarlet Pimpernel, with a repertoire of outrageous puns covering the steely, daring life of a counterspy. But, as Groucho might retort, his cover is at the dry-cleaner, and, besides, Groucho is not o ... read more


The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril by Paul Malmont

"The very definition of a gripping yarn with infamous villains, nefarious plots and hair-breadth escapes. That the square jawed heroes are also writers-pulpateers makes the game a whole new kind of thrill ride. Pulp fiction at its best." - Glen David Gold, Carter Beats the Dev ... read more


Strange Tales (new issue) #8
The legendary pulp magazine STRANGE TALES -- rival to Weird Tales in its prime -- returns as an anthology series edited by renowned pulp fiction expert Robert M. Price. Volume 4, number 1 (continuing the classic numbering sequence) features contributions from a range of modern ma ... read more


Diamonds Are Forever by Ian Fleming
"Listen, Bond," said Tiffany Case. "It'd take more than Crabmeat Ravigotte to get me into bed with a man. In any event, since it's your check, I'm going to have caviar, and what the English call 'cutlets', and some pink champagne. I don't often date a good-looking Englishman an ... read more


Fade to Blonde by Max Phillips
She Was A Little Taste of Heaven And A One-Way Ticket To Hell!

Ray Corson came to Hollywood to be a screenwriter, not hired muscle. But when a beautiful girl with a purse full of cash asks for your help, how can you say no? So Corson agrees to protect starlet ... read more


Five Shots and a Funeral by Tom Fassbender and Jim Pascoe

The Short Fiction of Dashiell Loveless

illustrations by Paul Pope

Follow cigar-smoking, bourbon-drinking detective Ben Drake as he returns for the first time in this collection of five murder-packed mystery capers, including "The Silent Vent ... read more


For Your Eyes Only by Ian Fleming
A Classic Bond Adventure

'Urban savagery... smooth tale spinning.' New York Herald tribune

'Admirers of Bond will find him in top form.' Listener

"Bond watched her as she reached the edge of the tables and came up the aisle. It was hop ... read more


Grifter's Game by Lawrence Block
Con man Joe Marlin was used to scoring easy cash off beautiful women. But that was before he met Mona Brassard and found himself facing the most dangerous con of his career, one that will leave him either a killer or a corpse.

  • Lawrence Block has won more awards ... read more


    Indiana Jones And The Dance of the Giants by Rob MacGregor


    Young Indiana Jones has landed his first teaching post, in the archaeology department at London University. His brightest--and prettiest--student is a twenty-yearold Scottish girl, Deirdre Campbell, who claims she's uncovered a golden scroll, proo ... read more


    Indiana Jones And The Genesis Deluge by Rob MacGregor

    AWASH IN EVIL. London, 1927. Since losing his beloved Deirdre in the Amazon a year ago, Indiana Jones has settled down with his Ph.D. and taught Celtic archaeology, thinking he left adventure behind.

    Yet Indy is rather tempted when a wild-eyed Russian doctor, Vladi ... read more



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