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Terror Tales Related Books and Magazines

Replica: Terror Tales August 1935 by Terror Tales

Two Big Mystery-Terror Novels!

Feature Novel: White Moon of Madness by Chandler H. Whipple. Would Bob Carson be the next one tainted by the blood lust of the tropic moon? Would he, too, fly in a screaming rage at the soft throat of Lenora Marsden, the gi ... read more


Replica: Terror Tales February, 1935 by Terror Tales
A page-for-page replica of the February, 1935 issue of Terror Tales. This issue features a feature length mystery-terror novel by Hugh B. Cave, called Enslaved to Satan.

"Not til the Devil's handmaidens had dragged Paul Norton, man of God, down to the foul ... read more


Replica: Terror Tales Jan-Feb 1939 by Terror Tales

A Long Novel of Eerie Terro:

School Mistress of the Mad by Russell Gray

Lovely Linda Hudson discarded young Blair's inspired warnings, and took a job as a teacher to a horde of inbred idiots. How could she know that she would be called upon to mother ... read more


Replica: Terror Tales Jan. Feb 1937 by Terror Tales

Two Full Length Terror-Mystery Novel: TEMPLE OF DREAD DESIRE by J.O. Quinliven. We know fear when the earth trembles beneath our feet -- but we know nothing of the soul shocking terror Edward Lawton experienced on that terrible night when he saw the forces of hell at w ... read more


Replica: Terror Tales July-August 1936 by Terror Tales

Full Length Terror-Mystery Novel: WE DANCED WITH DEATH by Wyatt Blassingame. The gleaming, sinuous bodies of the dancers writhed in paroxysms of blaring passion -- and as they watched, dave archer and the girl he loved were all unknowingly being enslaved to the forces ... read more


Replica: Terror Tales June 1936 by Terror Tales

Featured Daring--Different-Fascinating Mystery Terror Novel: SPAWN OFF THE FLAMES by Wayne Rogers. Like a horrible, burning river the lust for fire flowed in his blood, awaiting only the withdrawal of consciousness to burst into a raging, destructive flood. But Allan C ... read more


Replica: Terror Tales June, 1935 by Terror Tales

Two Gripping Complete Novels!

Feature Novel: The Scarlet Window by Hugh B. Cave. Mark Andrews could not understand the bond which made his wife turn to his mother -- the strange widow who wore scarlet. But he learned what it was -- from a horrible creature w ... read more


Replica: Terror Tales March - April 1938 by Terror Tales

Satan's House Party A Novel of terror and black passions! by Francis James

My Neighbor, The Corpse A Complete terror novelette of a thing long dead -- but restless! by Arthur Leo Zagat.

Plus, stories fr ... read more


Replica: Terror Tales Nov-Dec 1938 by Terror Tales

A Long, Fascinating Mystery-Terror Novel:

Satan's Incubator by Donald Dale

It was horrible enough to see that evilly beautiful priestess raise her arms and cause a live man to disintegrate before our eyes -- these other harasses souls and I ... But it ... read more


Replica: Terror Tales Sept. - Oct. 1936 by Terror Tales

Full Length Terror-Mystery Novel: BRIDES FOR THE DAMNED by Wayne Rogers. Grace Lockridge, the last of four sisters, three of them whom saw their young husbands die horribly, knew that her sweetheart would be irrevocably doomed, once she spoke those fateful words -- "I ... read more




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