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Cartoon Classics on DVD

In the early 1920s, movie studios experimenting with new approaches, packaged animated short films with their movies. Often times farming out this work to smaller studios a number of innovative, specialized studios were founded. The two ground breaking pioneers in this period were Disney an the Max Fleischer Studio.

The 1930s and early 1940s would become the explosive Golden Age where technology, skill and the creative talents would mesh to create a number of timeless characters who continue to entertain today. Disney would continue to lead, but also Warner Brothers Looney Tunes would carve out its own place in cartoon history.

Product Format: DVD

Alice in Wonderland by Disney Pictures
Experience the magic, fun and adventure of Alice in Wonderland like never before in this new Masterpiece Edition 2-Disc set.

Join Alice as she falls into the madcap world of Wonderland and meets extraordinary characters such as Tweedledee and Tweedledum, th ... read more

Chuck Jones Extremes & Inbetweens by Chuck Jones

A Life in Animation

A lineup of best-loved Warner Bros. cartoon superstars joins a cast of Hollywood heavyweights for this warm celebration of one of the most creative talents in animation history.

As engaging as the character ... read more

Frank and Ollie by Disney Pictures
Before computer graphics, special effects wizardry and out-of-this-world technology, the magic f animation flowed from the pencils of two of the greatest animtors The Walt Disney Company ever produced -- Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston.

Frank and Ollie, the talent ... read more


Welcome Looney Toons Fans!

July 27, 1940, under the direction of Tex Avery and with the voice of Mel Blanc, a star was born. It was only a 7 minute film called "A Wild Hare", but Hollywood would never be the same. With one simple question, the balance of power had shifted. The question? The one line of dialog?

"Ahhh, what's up doc? "

Yes, Bugs Bunny exploded on the scene, created a huge following, would go on to enormous success, and help lead a cartoon studio. Bugs and a cast of wonderful characters collectively known as the Loony Tunes gang would become the only real competition during the 1940s to the Disney juggernaut.

Warner Brothers had started their cartooning efforts back in 1930 but it wasn't until the mid to late 1930s and the arrival of people like Tex Winter, Chuck Jones and Mel Blanc before they began to emerge from the shadow of Disney and create new, innovative characters that would become internationally known under the Loony Tunes label.

The Looney Tunes line would run for 490 cartoons. Their lineup would include a who's who list of stars including Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Tweety Bird and Sebastian, Pepe Le Pew, Foghorn Leghorn, Elmer Fudd and headlined by one Bugs Bunny.

They would go on to win 4 Academy Awards and be nominated 17 other times, including one for "A Wild Hare". Today, these cartoons still contain the fun and enjoyment that they did over 60 years ago.

If you still have a bit of "kid" in you, or if you looking for a great gift for an actual youngster, then these two Warner Brothers 4-Disc DVD Golden Collections are an excellent way to enjoy the all-star Looney Tunes linup of classic characters and cartoons.Welcome Looney Toons Fans!


Welcome Popeye Fans!

In 1929, Popeye got his start playing a walk on role for the 10 year running Thimble Theatre comic strip by Elzie Segar. The strip focused on the Olive Oyl family. But it wasn't long before America fell in love with Popeye, the underdog hero.

Popeye got his big break in 1933 with a move to the silver screen in a Max Fleischer Studio production in a Betty Boop short entitled POPEYE THE SAILOR. Popeye would then go on to star in 108 cartoons from Producer Max Fleischer and Directory Dave Fleischer including 'I Yam What I Yam' credited as the first official Popeye cartoon.

In 1942, Paramount Studios would morph the Fleischer Studio into what became known as the Famous Studios. From 1942 through 1957, Popeye would go on to create some of his most memorable work with over 122 cartoons.

This established American Icon would then go on to Hanna-Barbera Studios for a number of hour long specials and cartoons. Popeye, Olive Oyl, Swee'Pee, J. Wellington Wimpy and Bluto carved a niche into the 20th Century landscape that will not be forgotten.


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