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Film Noir Classics on DVD

After World War II, a style of American movies became known as Film Noir. This style was recognized for its dark shadows and suspenseful tone. A common theme in Film Noir was that of the average man mistakenly having his ordinary life thrown upside down and sent in a downward spiral. Our protagonist first must fight through feelings of paranoia, them must fight outside of society's laws and norms to get back control of his life. Pulp Fiction writer Cornell Woolrich explored this theme in many stories.

Other themes and plots were explored under the style of Film Noir. The boudries of modern day film suspense were first set with Film Noir and evolved into the film masterpieces from legendary director Alfred Hitchcock.

Film Noir movies from the 1940s through the late 1950s capture post war anxieties, the changing times, and the evolution of American story telling.

Product Format: DVD

D. O. A.
A doomed man races against time to find out who poisoned him in this classic film noir.

Accountant Frank Bigelow (Edmund O'Brien) arrives in San Francisco for a brief vacation and visits a local dive, the Fisherman's Club, where a mysterious stranger slips him a m ... read more

Pickup on South Street by Samuel Fuller
Petty crook Skip McCoy (Richard Widmark) has his eyes fixed on the big score, but when he picks the purse of unsuspecting Candy (Jean Peters) he finds a haul bigger than he could imagine: a strip of microfilm bearing confidential U.S. secrets.

Tailed by both Feds and ... read more


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