Old Western Movies

The legend of the frontier and the wild west has been set in pop culture in large part to the western movies from the 1930s through the 1950s. These classic movies first started with the "true cliffhanger" serial and then leading to the great John Ford westerns starring John Wayne.

The first western movie dates back to The Great Train Robbery in 1903. Not only is this the first western, it was the first movie with a coherent plot.

Zorro began in the pulp magazines in 1919 with the story "The Curse of Capistrano" by Johnston McCulley. Zorro became one of the most popular Western heroes of all time with countless appearances on the big screen including a number of serials as well as feature films.

These old western movies are part of American pop culture and the history of Americana.

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Overland Mail by Lon Chaney

Jim Lane (Lon Chaney Jr.) is a western lawman who is commissioned by military officials to discover the reasons behind the delay of frontier mails, the destruction of pony-express equipment, and the killings of express riders and stage-men. With his two pals, Sierra Pete (Noah ... read more



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