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I Love Lucy starring Lucille Ball

"Rickieeeee...!" Only Lucille Ball could play the distressed housewife as well as she did on "I Love Lucy," a television series loved by all from the 1951 premier until 1957.

Lucille Ball had a successful radio run with My Favorite Husband, broadcast from 1948 - 1951, which might be called Lucy's "practice run" before I Love Lucy. In "My Favorite Husband, Ball played a zany housewife alongside Richard Denning, who starred as her "typically addled stereotypically male" husband. When CBS asked her to move into television, she agreed--but only if her real husband, Desi Arnaz, were allowed to play her TV husband. Desi was a moderately successful musician and orchestra leader who specialized in Latin pop music, but his Cuban heritage made producers balk. CBS should not have worried - the couple thrived in their television roles and the public loved them...between Lucy's attempt to be the "good housewife" that always went wrong, to Ricky's attempt to make her the good housewife, which too endlessly failed.

Watch Lucy even today and you'll smile at her antics, from the scene where Lucy and Ethel do battle with a chocolate factory belt, to the record-setting episode where a pregnant Lucy goes to the hospital. Television was never the same after Lucy, who redefined the situation comedy.

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