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The Shadow Radio Adventures on Audio CDs


The Shadow not only kept millions of listeners glued to their radios for over 25 years, but he also ushered in a new era of pulp heroes with over 325 adventures recorded in his self-titled pulp magazine.

Created by Walter B. Gibson, The Shadow was radio's most famous mystery man who dominated the airwaves during Radio's Golden Age. The Shadow became one of the most recognized and well known radio programs of all time, running from July 31, 1930 through December 26, 1954.

Radio's greatest crimefighter continues to embody the magic of radio mystery more than 70 years after his debut. Relive the exciting adventures of the supersleuth who was "never seen, only heard". Listen as Lamont Cranston demonstrates once again that "The weed of crime bears bitter fruit. Crime does not pay. The Shadow knows!"

"Never seen, only heard - as a haunting to superstitious minds as a ghost, as inevitable as a guilty conscience..." The Shadow and Margot Lane were the consummate crime-fighting couple of Radio's Golden Age. Together they foiled the wicked plans of the greedy and the vengeful.

The Shadow Bitter Fruit (9 CDs) by The Shadow

The weed of crime bears bitter fruit...and if criminals cultivate the crops, it is The Shadow will do the reaping!

Hear The Shadow fight crime, as he becomes both the stalker and the stalked, in an assortment of tales featuring some of his most exciting encounters wi ... read more


The Shadow: Dead Men Tell (9 CDs) by The Shadow

Mystical matters, dastardly doctors, frightening families, spirits and schemes! These eighteen classic broadcasts will catapult you back to a time when the line between good and evil was stark…and spine-chilling.

Orson Welles, William Johnstone, and Bret Morrison ... read more


The Shadow: Hearts of Evil (9 CDs) by The Shadow

Watch out, criminal masterminds! That martini-sipping playboy in the slick tux isn't who you think he is! He's not just Lamont Cranston, wealthy man about town -- he's The Shadow! He's the one who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men!

Orson Welles, Bill Joh ... read more


The Shadow: Knight of Darkness (9 CDs) by The Shadow

Radio Spirits is very pleased to present radio's greatest crime fighter, The Shadow, in this new collection of eighteen digitally restored and remastered episodes selected from the classic series. Featuring Orson Welles, William Johnstone and Bret Morrison each in the title ro ... read more


The Shadow: Strange Puzzles (9 CDs) by The Shadow

Music, madness, death and darkness face amateur criminologist Lamont Cranston and The Shadow. In the midst of the most classic of mystery motifs - from foreboding castles to frame ups - he unravels each remarkable riddle. From elusive treasure to conclusive evidence: How? Why? ... read more




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