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Current List of Available The Spider Reprints

Replica: The Spider: April '35: Slaves of the Crime Master Pulp Replica $34.95
Replica: The Spider: May '35: Reign of the Death Fiddler Pulp Replica $34.95
The Spider: Nov. '34: Death's Crimson Juggernaut Pulp Replica $34.95
The Spider: Oct 1934: Builders of the Black Empire Pulp Replica $34.95
The Spider # 06: The Citadel of Hell Magazine $6.95
The Spider # 16: The City Destroyer Magazine $8.95
The Spider # 50: Master of the Flaming Horde Magazine $9.95
The Spider # 69: Rule of the Monster Men Magazine $7.95
The Spider # 70: The Spider and the Slaves of Hell Magazine $6.95
The Spider #26: Death Reign of the Vampire King Magazine $8.95
The Spider: Devil's Paymaster: May 1941 Magazine $19.95
The Spider: Slaves of the Laughing Death: March 1940 Magazine $17.95