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Current List of Available Chapbooks

Ed Race: Murder in the Spotlight Chapbook $4.95
Forced Luck Chapbook $9.95
Gallows Heritage: Surgeon of Souls Vol. 2 Chapbook $8.95
Gods Guard the Brave Chapbook $9.95
Grimes... Outlaw! Chapbook $6.95
Hell On The Bottom Chapbook $5.95
Liberty's Suicide Legions Chapbook $6.00
Murder in Music: Extraordinary Cases of Jarnegan Chapbook $9.95
Murder on the Island Chapbook $6.95
Skeleton Creek and Others Chapbook $5.95
Slaves of the Silver Serpent Chapbook $7.95
Tales of the Jungle Chapbook $9.95
The Crimson Blight Chapbook $9.95
The Ocean Bastille Chapbook $9.95
The Quires Matter: A McGowan For Hire Mystery Chapbook $9.95
The Tower of Silence Chapbook $9.95
Witchcraft Chapbook $6.95