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The fanzine is a very unique publication. Although it has been a low budget project that is not concerned with being profitable, with the latest in computer software, they now can rival top notch publications. Fanzines are labors of love for their creators but have proven to be invaluable stores of knowledge, capturing the history of pulps and science fiction that would have been otherwise lost. Many of the fanzines listed below are from the 1960s and 1970s and come in limited quantities, many times only one copy available.




Current List of Available Fanzines

Blood 'n' Thunder #24: Summer 2009 Fanzine $9.95
Blood 'n' Thunder #25: Winter 2010 Fanzine $9.95
Blood 'n' Thunder #26: Spring 2010 Fanzine $9.95
Blood 'n' Thunder #27: Summer 2010 Fanzine $9.95
Blood 'n' Thunder #28: Winter 2011 Fanzine $9.95
Blood 'n' Thunder #29: Spring 2011 Fanzine $9.95
Blood 'n' Thunder #30: Summer 2011 Fanzine $9.95
Chronicler of Cross Plains #2 Fanzine $19.50
Echoes 30: Three Decades of Pulp Fandom's Greatest Magazine Fanzine $24.95
Garden of Fear Fanzine $19.95
Golden Perils #17 Fanzine $6.00
Paperbacks Pulps and Comics #3 Fanzine $9.95
Paperbacks, Pulps & Comics #2 Fanzine $9.95
Phantasy Digest #1 Fanzine $25.00
Pulp Adventures # 7 Fanzine $4.95
Pulp Collector Press: Ace G-Man Stories Fanzine $12.95
Purple Prose #10: Adventure Magazine Fanzine $4.95
Purple Prose #12: Western's Walt Coburn Fanzine $4.95
Purple Prose #16: Steeger Papers Fanzine $7.95
Purple Prose #17: Terrill Tales Fanzine $4.95
Purple Prose #9: Doc Savage Fanzine $7.95
REH: Two-Gun Raconteur # 7 Fanzine $9.95
REH: Two-Gun Raconteur # 8 Fanzine $9.95
Robert E. Howard Companion #1 Fanzine $11.95
Studies in Fantasy Literature: Issue #1 Fanzine $3.95
Studies in Modern Horror: Issue #3 Fanzine $3.95
The Dark Man: Journel of Robert E. Howard Studies #7 Fanzine $7.95