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Secret Agent X-9

The Secret Agent X-9 strip was a dailies-only serial. This volume collects the complete Hammett/Raymond strips, plus the subsequent stories by Raymond and Leslie Charteris, famous himself for "The Saint" novels, as well as the Charteris stories drawn by Charles Flanders. Included are strips from January 22, 1934 through October 31, 1936.

Year: 1934     Genre: Hero Pulps

Flash Gordon: The Tyrant of Mongo

The Complete Flash Gordon Library 1937-41. Featuring strips from world-famous writer-artist Alex Raymond, restored in their original format, complete and uncut! This volume continues the seminal adventures of pulp hero Flash Gordon, an ordinary man trapped on an alien world, and his ongoing battles with the deadly and heartless Ming the Merciless.

Year: 1937     Genre: Science Fiction

Flash Gordon: The Fall of Ming

The Complete Flash Gordon Library 1941-44. Continuing the comprehensive library of the greatest science fiction hero of all time, this brand new collection of library editions feature all new restorations that will preserve these legendary adventures for generations to come.

Year: 1941     Genre: Science Fiction

Oct 02, 1909 -- Sep 06, 1956
Artist, Cartoonist

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1934Secret Agent X-9
by Dashiell Hammett and Alex Raymond
Hero Pulps
1937Flash Gordon: The Tyrant of MongoScience Fiction, Flash Gordon
1941Flash Gordon: The Fall of MingScience Fiction, Flash Gordon




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