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Bill Pronzini is simply one of the masters. He seems to have taken a crack at just about every genre: mysteries, noirish thrillers, historicals, locked-room mysteries, adventure novels, spy capers, men's action, westerns, and, of course, his masterful, long-running Nameless private detective series, now entering its fourth decade, with no signs of creative flagging.

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A simple case of blackmail gets lethally complicated when Nameless exposes a nasty scam that involves junior accounts executive Jay Cohalan, his unhappy wife, and a mistress with a serious drug problem. It's the kind of case Nameless likes, because bleeders-the blackmailers, extortionists, small-time grifters, and other opportunists who prey on the weak and gullible-sit near the top of his most-worthless-human-beings list.

Year: 2002     Genre: Extortion


And then the murders start. The first doesn't seem to have anything to do with the situation when a rug dealer is killed in his van. But then the inhabitants of the camp become targets, including Nameless. He faces more than the usual share of danger as he is entombed in a cave. The book has a little bit of everything-sexual intrigue, theft, murder, violence-all leavened by Nameless searching for the truth in a high tension environment.

Year: 1977     Genre: Private Eye


An old grave opens a new case of murder. Recent murders are difficult but not unsolvable. This time Nameless is called upon to solve a murder that happened four decades ago. Called to do the impossible, he takes the case merely because the victim was a pulp writer. Nameless of course is a pulp fan.

Year: 1985     Genre: Cold CasePulp Fiction


While staked out on a routine car repossession, Nameless all but witnesses the shooting of a San Francisco lawyer, Leonard Purcell. He arrives on the scene in time to hear Purcell's dying words, one of which is "deadfall." But Purcell dies in Nameless's arms before the cryptic word can be explained.

Year: 1986     Genre: Murder Mystery


For the Nameless Detective, investigations involving matters of the heart are to be avoided at all costs. When an old poker buddy asks him to help frazzled and distraught Kay Runyon, whose husband, Victor, is having a clandestine affair with a mystery woman named Nedra, Nameless unwillingly relents, but he soon discovers there is much more at stake than a simple affair.

Year: 1993     Genre: Missing Person


Year: 1984     Genre: Murder Mystery


Nameless had told Mitchell Krochek that he'd do whatever he could to find his missing wife, Janice. She'd run away before--propelled by a gambling fever that grew ever higher--and Mitch had always taken her back. This time, when Nameless, his partner Tamara, and the agency's chief operative Jake Runyon finally found her in a sleazy San Francisco hotel, she demanded a divorce.

Year: 2008     Genre: GamblingMissing Person


The rich and powerful Jackman family had always had an obsession with successful gamesmanship-whether in the parlor, the bedroom, or in national politics. When Senator David Jackman plans an escape from Washington pressures through a long, idyllic weekend with his lover on the family's lavish island estate, he has no reason to suspect that he will leave buried there forever the man he had become.

Year: 1976     Genre: ActionSuspense

Gun in Cheek

Welcome to the very best of the very worst in 20th-century mystery writing. Author Bill Pronzini takes a good-natured look at the genre's "alternative classics" in a retrospective of unintentionally hilarious crime fiction. Populated by the usual private eyes, arch-villains, amateur sleuths, and femmes fatales, these tales offer uniquely amusing reading that's as memorable in its own way as the works of the great mystery writers.

Year: 1982     Genre: Mysteryon Pulp Fictionon Writing


Compellingly and compulsively readable, Hard-Boiled: An Anthology of American Crime Stories is a page-turner no mystery lover will want to be without. Containing many notable rarities, it celebrates a genre that has profoundly shaped not only American literature and film, but how we see our heroes and oursleves.

Year: 1994     Genre: Crime FictionHardboiled DetectivePrivate Eye


Why would a successful, good-looking young man, who had just won two hundred thousand dollars at a Lake Tahoe casino, kill himself? That's the question Nameless asks himself when he finds a friend's brother dead--an apparent suicide, was more than luck involved in his windfall? Or was his good fortune reason enough for murder?

Year: 1990     Genre: GamblingMurder Mystery

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1971The SnatchHardboiled Detective, Kidnapping, Nameless Detective
1971The StalkerCrime Fiction, Short Stories
1976GamesAction, Suspense
1977BlowbackPrivate Eye, Nameless Detective
by Bill Pronzini and Collin Wilcox
Murder Mystery, Nameless Detective
1982Gun in Cheek
An Affectionate Guide to the "worst" in Mystery Fiction
Mystery, on Writing, on Pulp Fiction
by Marcia Muller and Bill Pronzini
Murder Mystery, Nameless Detective, Sharon McCone, San Diego
1984NightshadesPrivate Eye, Nameless Detective
1984QuicksilverBuried Past, Nameless Detective, San Francisco
1985BonesCold Case, Pulp Fiction, Nameless Detective
1986Deadfall Murder Mystery, Nameless Detective, San Francisco
1987Son of Gun in Cheek
An Affectionate Guide to More of the "worst" in Mystery Fiction
Mystery, on Writing, on Pulp Fiction
1990JackpotMurder Mystery, Gambling, Nameless Detective, Lake Tahoe
1993DemonsMissing Person, Nameless Detective
An Anthology of American Crime Stories
Crime Fiction, Hardboiled Detective, Private Eye, Short Stories
1994With an Extreme BurningRevenge
1997Six-Gun in Cheek
An Affectionate Guide to the "worst" in Western Fiction
on Writing, Westerns, on Pulp Fiction
1999Pure Pulp
by Bill Pronzini and Ed Gorman
Crime Fiction, Hardboiled Detective, Pulp Fiction, Short Stories
2002BleedersExtortion, Nameless Detective, San Francisco
2003SpookMurder Mystery, Nameless Detective
2008FeverMissing Person, Gambling, Nameless Detective
2014StrangersPrivate Eye, Innocence, Nameless Detective




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