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Carroll John Daly created the first hard-boiled detective in his 1922 story "The False Burton Combs". Daly's most famous detective, Race Williams, was the prototypical hardboiled detective made of equal doses of street toughness and quick thinking action. Race always managed to escape impossible situations, usually by shooting his way out. Daly's other main characters, Vee Brown and Satan Hall, were made from the same hardboild mold.

Daly was a regular contributor for the pulps, specifically the two leading detective magazines: Black Mask in the 1920s and Dime Detective in the 1930s. He was always a readers favorite for his action packed stories and his quick wit and humor.

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Satan's Vengeance

The influence of an Underworld lord known as The Other Man has crept into the Police Commissioner's office. This criminal mastermind is forcing the market owners of New York to pay protection to him, and is getting control of all rackets. In desperation, the Police Commissioner appeals to Satan Hall, the cop who believes in killing criminals as they kill others, the one man on the police force that all the Underworld fears.

Year: 1936     Genre: Hardboiled DetectivePulp Fiction

The Complete Cases of the Reckoner

Millionaire Marty Day has lost it all. Destitute and desperate, his path crosses the mysterious RECKONER.... Created by Hard-Boiled legend Carroll John Daly, Day battled the Reckoner through four stories published between 1933 and 34 in the pages of Dime Detective, the prestigious crime pulp second only to the legendary Black Mask in its impact on the genre.

Year: 1933     Genre: Hardboiled Detective

The Complete Cases of Vee Brown, Volume 1

Genre: Hardboiled Detective

The Complete Cases of Vee Brown, Volume 2

The creation of Carroll John Daly, father of the hard-boiled private eye, Vee Brown-AKA the Crime Machine-plied his trade in the pages of Dime Detective, the classic crime pulp that was second only to the legendary Black Mask in its impact on the genr

Genre: Hardboiled Detective

The Snarl of the Beast

Before Raymond Chandler's The Big Sleep, Before Dashiell Hammett's The Red Harvest, there was Carroll John Daly's The Snarl of the Beast, the first true hard-boiled detective novel featuring Race Williams.

Genre: Hardboiled Detective

Sep 14, 1889 -- Jan 16, 1958

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The Complete Cases of Vee Brown, Volume 1Hardboiled Detective
The Complete Cases of Vee Brown, Volume 2Hardboiled Detective
The Snarl of the BeastHardboiled Detective, Race Williams
1933The Complete Cases of the ReckonerHardboiled Detective
1936Satan's VengeanceHardboiled Detective, Pulp Fiction




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