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Army of the Dead

ZOMBIES MARCHED . . . soulless storm troops of a sinister madman's plot. Freedom was in mortal peril, as was Jimmy Christopher, Operator 5 of the nation's spy service, battling the bloody tide that swirled on land and sea. Into Death's Temple Jimmy rushed headlong . . . where the archfiend awaited, eager to sacrifice him on the bloody altar of tyranny . . . and resurrect him as a mindless recruit in . . .

Year: 1935     Genre:

Attack of the Blizzard Men

As suddenly as Death, the bitter cold came, and with it, the armored tanks, sleek submarines and mailed warriors of the invading legions An international syndicate, fearing America's greatness and strength in war, had unleashed savage war-dogs to win the conflict before it fairly began... The greatest military genius of modern times commanded the enemy, and Operator 5 of the United States Secret Service-known to his dearest friends as Jimmy Christopher-was America's choice to oppose him...

Year: 1935     Genre:

Blood Reign of the Dictator

A TYRANT'S BLADE hovered over a bewildered nation, and literally over the helpless form of lovely Diane Elliot, beloved protegee of the one man whose heroic stature might save the U.S. from utter capitulation to the madman's tyranny--Operator 5! His country in chaos, his dearest friend a captive of the evil usurper's black-robed hordes, the intelligence ace and his Secret Sentinels seemed helpless against the terror of the BLOOD REIGN OF THE DICTATOR!

Year: 1935     Genre:

Cavern of the Damned

Secretly, behind closed doors and guarded portals the mysterious Black Power of Zaava spread its hidden terror throughout America. What evil force was behind the destruction of churches; the wholesale disappearance of entire congregations? What sinister spell had fallen upon American men and women to make them hurl themselves into white-hot flaming furnaces.

Year: 1934     Genre:

Hosts of the Flaming Death

Gold-the mineral which fosters war!-threatened to plunge America into a chaos of revolt, misery and death. In Washington, the fortified vaults of the nation's Treasury lay empty-stripped of wealth. A madman, obscured in mystery, his face concealed by a mask of the precious metal, had allied himself with powerful foreign magnates to deliver the United States into misery and bondage.

Year: 1935     Genre:

Invasion of the Crimson Death Cult

Mysterious happenings-cloudbursts in the arid desert, churches and skyscrapers horribly destroyed, priests and pastors oddly maddened, Intelligence agents craftily slaughtered-all these heralded the attack on America by the Son of Kasma-spokesman for a vicious, Oriental cult. The populace flocked to the new religion in self-defense. And Operator 5, charged with treason by a power-drunk authority; must battle alone against a more cunning invader than ever menaced America before.

Year: 1935     Genre:

Invasion of the Dark Legions

A powerful army of invasion-armed with the most ghastly modern weapons: bacteria, plagues, hideous diseases-lay carefully hidden within the borders of the United States, ready to strike at the heart of the nation, to kill, pillage, demolish... A foreign demagogue, mad-drunk with power, greed, and lust, planned the slaughter of a million helpless men and women, to sate his twisted, race-proud ambition.

Year: 1934     Genre: ActionAdventure

Invasion of the Yellow Warlords

It struck out of the night, a monster whose blood-red shadow brought death to everyone it touched. What was this weird Thing? Beneath its reign of terror, police were powerless. But grimly, out of the list of victims, rose six men-six men who vowed to track the scarlet killer down a suicide road to a murder showdown!

Year: 1935     Genre:

League of War-Monsters

A group of bitter men-a secret League of War-was ready to plunge the world into a new, earth-wide conflict. They issued orders, and bloody organized murder was loosed in the heart of Europe And behind this carnage, a single man was scheming to make himself the Dictator of the World. Never before had a single person conceived such a colossal plan for profiting from the slaughter of humans.

Year: 1935     Genre:

Legions of Starvation

Speeding through the silent blackness of the night, a long freight-train was laden with a cargo more precious than fine gold-wheat Then suddenly, the hirelings of Apocryphos unleashed red destruction, and the great machine lay wrecked, its cars of priceless grain afire... Only one man--Operator 5--realized the ghastly extent of the diabolical plot.

Year: 1934     Genre:

Legions of the Death Master

Like the tentacles of a gigantic and loathsome octopus the ends of that infamous international espionage ring had stretched out across the United States. Lusting for power, the fiendish leader of that ring was stripping the country of its entire armaments; butchering, in the very capital of the nation, the patriots who pleaded for adequate war-strength. Operator 5, America's Secret Service Ace, tried to oppose that ruthless Death Master.

Year: 1935     Genre:


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1934Cavern of the Damnedby Curtis Steele and Frederick C. Davis
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1935Army of the Deadby Curtis Steele and Frederick C. Davis
1935Attack of the Blizzard Menby Curtis Steele and Frederick C. Davis
1935Blood Reign of the Dictator 
1935Hosts of the Flaming Deathby Curtis Steele and Frederick C. Davis
1935Invasion of the Crimson Death Cultby Curtis Steele and Frederick C. Davis
1935Invasion of the Yellow Warlordsby Curtis Steele and Frederick C. Davis
1935League of War-Monstersby Curtis Steele and Frederick C. Davis
1935Legions of the Death Masterby Curtis Steele and Frederick C. Davis
1935March of the Flame Maraudersby Curtis Steele and Frederick C. Davis
1935Scourge of the Invisible Deathby Curtis Steele and Frederick C. Davis
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