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Samuel Dashiell Hammett was an American author, credited for making popular the hardboiled detective genre.

Hammett used his first hand knowledge of the detective buisness to create complex and exciting plots and memorable and believable characters. He worked for the famed Pinkerton detective agency until tuburculosis forced him to find a less taxing form of work. His most famous novel, The Maltese Falcon, introduced Sam Spade, a surly, self-assured detective that defined the hard boiled character.

After a relatively short writing career of nine years, Hammett brought his works to Hollywood where a number of his characters and stories, especially Sam Spade, made the leap into immortality.

Featured Titles:

Red Harvest

When the last honest citizen of Poisonville was murdered, the Continental Op stayed on to punish the guilty -- even if that meant taking on an entire town.

Year: 1929     Genre: ActionHardboiled Detective

The Dain Curse

The Dain Curse is one of the Continental Op's most bizarre cases, and a tautly crafted masterpiece of suspense.

Year: 1929     Genre: Private Eye

The Maltese Falcon

Sam Spade, a slightly shop-worn private eye with his own solitary code of ethics, stars in Hammett's detective fiction, a novel that has haunted several generations of readers. The Maltese Falcon is Hammett's most famous work.

Year: 1930     Genre: MysteryPrivate EyeStolen Goods

May 27, 1894 -- Jan 10, 1961
Author, Screenwriter

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