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Gerald Livingston is an orbital garbage collector. For a hundred years, people have been abandoning things in space, and someone has to clean it up. But there's something spinning a little bit higher than he expects, something that isn't on the decades' old orbital maps. An hour after he grabs it and brings it in, rumors fill Earth's infomesh about an "alien artifact." Thrown into the maelstrom of worldwide shared experience, the Artifact is a game-changer. A message in a bottle; an alien capsule that wants

Year: 2012     Genre: Alien Contact

Foundation's Triumph

Old and very tired, the father of Psychohistory, has retired, ready to let the discipline he founded protect humankind from its inevitable decline. then an offer comes to make one last journey, a far-reaching trip across the stars, searching for the seeds of chaos planted on planets across the universe. But Seldon himself is in danger, watched by revolutionaries and a robot in disguise.

Year: 1999     Genre: Science Fiction

Kiln People

In a perilous future where disposable duplicate bodies fulfill every legal and illicit whim of their decadent masters, life is cheap. No one knows that better than Albert Morris, a brash investigator with a knack for trouble, who has sent his own duplicates into deadly peril more times than he cares to remember.

Year: 2002     Genre: Private EyeScience Fiction

Oct 06, 1950 --
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