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Fritz Leiber remarked "At the time that Lovecraft died, Donald Wandrei was the most natural successor to him that I could think of."

Robert Bloch called him "...on of the most important creative talents in the Lovecraft circle..."

Surpisingly, however, his work was out-of-print for many years, after his break with Arkham House in the aftermath of co-founder August Derleth.

Featured Titles:

Dead Titans, Waken!

This volume presents two novels by H.P. Lovecraft's friend and correspondent. DEAD TITANS, WAKEN! is Donald Wandrei's only horror novel and the second novel is INVISIBLE SUN, written in the early 1930s but never published during the author's lifetime.

Genre: Horror

Don't Dream

This 416-page tome includes stories originally published in venues including Weird Tales, Astounding Stories, Fantasy Magazine, Argosy, and Esquire; some from The Minnesota Quarterly, and a number of pieces never published before this book was assembled.

Genre: Pulp Fiction


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Dead Titans, Waken! Horror
Don't Dream
The Collected Horror and Fantasy of Donald Wandrei
 Pulp Fiction