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Ticket to Ride

For small-town, Iowa lawyer, Sam McCain, the year 1965 is not a sweet one. Still, McCain tries to enjoy himself during the town's Labor Day weekend party, reuniting with several old friends--until two of them are murdered for what seems to be a motive buried in the past...

Year: 2009     Genre: Private Eye

Bad Moon Rising

A hippie commune has invaded Black River Falls. While the majority of the townspeople believe that the bohemians have to right to stay--despite how bizarre some of their ways can seem--as always there is a minority that constantly accuses them of everything from criminal activities to Satanism.

Year: 2011     Genre: Private Eye

Nov 02, 1941 -- Oct 14, 2016
Author, Anthologist

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1999Pure Pulp
by Bill Pronzini and Ed Gorman
Crime Fiction, Hardboiled Detective, Pulp Fiction, Short Stories
2007Fools Rush InPrivate Eye, Sam McCain
2009Ticket to RidePrivate Eye, Sam McCain
2011Bad Moon RisingPrivate Eye, Sam McCain




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