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In more than 30 books spanning half a century, Elmore Leonard has captured the imagination of millions as few writers can. A literary icon praised by the New York Times Book Review as “the greatest crime writer of our time, perhaps ever, ” he has influenced many contemporary writers and is known for both the quality and accessibility of his writing. -- When the Women Come Out to Dance.

“Elmore Leonard is in a class of one….The greatest crime writer who ever lived.” — Dennis Lehane

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Joe LaBrava first fell in love with femme fatale movie queen Jean Shaw in a darkened theater when he was twelve. Now he's finally meeting his dream woman in the flesh, albeit in a rundown Miami crisis center.

Year: 1983     Genre: Crime Fiction

Get Shorty

Getting Leo becomes a movie pitch unfolding in a city where every move you make is a potential scene, and making it big isn't all that different from making your bones: You gotta know who to pitch, who to hit, and how to knock 'em dead.

Year: 1990     Genre: Crime Fiction

Rum Punch

When a blowsy blond blowhead and a none-too-bright ex con try to muscle in on the action, it's time to pull and old bait and switch--where the good guys are played off against the bad guys--and where Jackie and Max hope to walk off into the Florida sunset with a hot half million in cold cash.

Year: 1992     Genre: Crime Fiction

Out of Sight

World-class gentleman felon Jack Foley is busting out of Florida's Glades Prison when he runs head on into a shotgun-wielding Karen Sisco. Suddenly he's sharing a cramped car trunk with the classy, disarmed federal marshal and the chemistry is working overtime--and as soon as she escapes, he's already missing her. But there are bad men and a major score waiting for Jack in Motown. And the next time his path crosses Karen's, chances are she's going to be there for business, not pleasure.

Year: 1996     Genre: Crime Fiction



Want ItGot ItRead ItYearTitle

1953The Bounty HuntersWesterns, Arizona
1956Escape from Five ShadowsPrison
1959Last Stand at Saber RiverWesterns, Arizona
1961HombreWesterns, Arizona
1969Big BounceCrime Fiction
1969The Moonshine WarProhibition
1970Valdez is ComingWesterns
1972Forty Lashes Less OneWesterns, Arizona
197452 PickupCrime Fiction, Extortion, Detroit
1974Mr. MajestykRevenge, Arizona
1976SwagCrime Fiction, Detroit
1977The HuntedCrime Fiction, Israel
1977Unknown Man #89Mystery, Suspense, Detroit
1978The SwitchKidnapping, Revenge, Detroit
1979GunsightsMurder Mystery, Westerns, Arizona
1980City Primeval: High Noon in DetroitCrime Fiction, Detroit
1980Gold CoastCrime Fiction, Florida
1981Split ImagesMurder Mystery, Florida
1982Cat ChaserCrime Fiction, Miami
1983LaBravaCrime Fiction, Miami
1983StickCrime Fiction, Miami
1985GlitzNoir Fiction, Miami
1987BanditsCrime Fiction
1987TouchCrime Fiction
1988Freaky DeakyRevenge, Detroit
1990Get ShortyCrime Fiction, Hollywood
1991Maximum BobCrime Fiction, Florida
1992Rum PunchCrime Fiction, Florida
1993ProntoCrime Fiction, Organized Crime, Raylan Givens, Italy
1995Riding the RapCrime Fiction, Kidnapping, Raylan Givens, Florida
1996Out of SightCrime Fiction, Detroit, Florida
1998Cuba LibreAction, Cuba
1999Be CoolCrime Fiction, Music, Chili Palmer, Hollywood
2000Pagan BabiesCrime Fiction, Detroit
2002Fire in the HoleCrime Fiction, Short Stories
2002Tishomingo BluesCrime Fiction
2002When the Women Come Out to DanceCrime Fiction, Short Stories
2004Mr. ParadiseMurder Mystery, Detroit
2004The Complete Western Stories of Elmore LeonardWesterns, Short Stories
2005The Hot KidHardboiled Detective, Carl Webster
2007Elmore Leonard's 10 Rules of Writingon Writing
2007Up in Honey's RoomPolice Procedural, Carl Webster
2009Comfort to the EnemyCrime Fiction, Carl Webster, Short Stories
2009Road DogsCrime Fiction
2010DjiboutiMystery, Africa
2012RaylanCrime Fiction, Police Procedural, Raylan Givens
2017Being Cool: The Work of Elmore Leonard
by Charles J. Rzepka
on Writing




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