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Shills Can't Cash Chips

Has Donald Lam gone to the dark side? From the world-famous creator of "Perry Mason," Erle Stanley Gardner - at his death the best-selling American writer of all time - comes another baffling case for the Cool & Lam detective agency. Return to the 1960s as a simple insurance investigation into a car accident puts Bertha Cool and Donald Lam on the trail of murder - and Donald hip-deep in danger when he poses as an ex-con to infiltrate a criminal gang.

Year: 1961
Genre: Private Eye

The Case of the Dubious Bridegroom

Edward Garvin is a very successful businessman with a very unhappy ex-wife--who wants his money. So Garvin calls on lawyer Perry Mason to protect his company from her schemes, and ensure the divorce they'd gotten in Mexico is actually finalized.

Year: 1949
Genre: Murder Mystery

The Case of the Gilded Lily

Stewart Bedford is willing to cooperate with a blackmailer to protect his beloved wife. But when he wakes up in a daze to find the man shot dead with Bedford's gun and his blond escort missing, he'll need some help from defense lawyer Perry Mason . . .

Year: 1956
Genre: Extortion

The Case of the Green-Eyed Sister

Beautiful Sylvia Bain Atwood is overseeing her ailing father's estate while her sister serves as his caregiver. But their father's fortune has shadowy roots--and now one of his creditors is blackmailing the family. When the situation escalates to murder, defense lawyer Perry Mason will have his hands full.

Year: 1953
Genre: DetectiveExtortion

The Case of the Lazy Lover

Defense lawyer Perry Mason is surprised to receive two checks from a stranger named Lola Allred. And when he speaks with Lola's husband, he discovers the woman has run off with her daughter's boyfriend--who happens to be an important witness in a lawsuit. Soon Mason's caught up in a complicated case involving not only a missing witness but forgery and murder as well . . .

Year: 1947
Genre: Courtroom DramaDetective

The Case of the Lonely Heiress

Marilyn Marlow has inherited a good deal of money from her mother. But the money originated with another will--that of her mother's wealthy employer. Now his relatives are contesting the will, and it's Rose Keeling, the key witness to its signing, whose mind they will need to sway. When Rose is murdered, sleuthing lawyer Perry Mason must navigate a twisted case.

Year: 1948
Genre: Murder Mystery

The Case of the Terrified Typist

Defense lawyer Perry Mason needs a temporary typist, but the one he hires turns out to be more temporary than expected. When she disappears, leaving a couple of diamonds behind in her haste, Mason winds up taking on a new client: a gem importer in his office building who's been charged with smuggling and murder. But if Mason's going to untangle this case, finding the typist is key . . .

Year: 1956
Genre: Missing Person

The Count of 9

Hired to protect the treasures of a globe-trotting adventurer, Bertha and Donald confront an impossible crime: how could anything be smuggled out of a dinner party - least of all a 6-foot-long blowgun - when the guests were X-rayed coming and going? But that's nothing compared to the crime they face next: AN IMPOSSIBLE MURDER...

Year: 1958
Genre: Murder Mystery

The Court of Last Resort

In 1945, Erle Stanley Gardner, noted attorney and author of the popular Perry Mason mysteries, was contacted by an overwhelmed California public defender who believed his doomed client was innocent. William Marvin Lindley had been convicted of the rape and murder of a young girl along the banks of the Yuba River, and was awaiting execution at San Quentin. After reviewing the case, Gardner agreed to help--it seemed the fate of the "Red-Headed Killer" hinged on the testimony of a colorblind witness.

Genre: True Crime

The Knife Slipped

This tale of adultery and corruption, of double-crosses and triple identities--however shocking for 1939--shines today as a glorious present from the past, a return to the heyday of private eyes and shady dames, of powerful criminals, crooked cops, blazing dialogue, and delicious plot twists.

Year: 1939
Genre: HardboiledPrivate Eye

Top of the Heap

When the beautiful girlfriend of a notorious gangster vanishes, the last man to be seen with her needs an alibi - and fast. Enter Donald Lam of the Cool & Lam detective agency. Donald tracks down the two women with whom his client claims to have spent the night and the client declares the case closed.

Year: 1952
Genre: Private Eye

Turn on the Heat

Hired by a mysterious "Mr. Smith" to find a woman who vanished 21 years earlier, Donald Lam finds himself facing a sadistic cop, a desperate showgirl, a duplicitous client, and one very dogged (and beautiful) newspaper reporter - while Bertha Cool's attempts to cut herself in on this lucrative opportunity land them both hip-deep in murder...

Year: 1940
Genre: HardboiledMissing Person



Year TitleGenres & Tags

The Court of Last ResortTrue Crime


SERIES: Cool & Lam

Year# TitleGenres & Tags

19392The Knife SlippedHardboiledPrivate Eye
19403Turn on the HeatHardboiledMissing Person
195214Top of the HeapPrivate Eye
195819The Count of 9Murder Mystery
196123Shills Can't Cash ChipsPrivate Eye


SERIES: Perry Mason

Year# TitleGenres & Tags

194730The Case of the Lazy LoverCourtroom DramaDetective
194831The Case of the Lonely HeiressMurder Mystery
194933The Case of the Dubious BridegroomMurder Mystery
195342The Case of the Green-Eyed SisterDetectiveExtortion
195649The Case of the Terrified TypistMissing Person
195651The Case of the Gilded LilyExtortion