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Seeded among the stars are troves of valuable artifacts left behind by the enigmatic, long-vanished alien race called the Heechee. For the right price, anyone can climb aboard one of the abandoned Heechee spaceships, castoff on an autopilot voyage to parts unknown, and take a chance on finding wealth . . . or facing death.

Year: 1977     Genre: Alien ContactScience FictionSpace Exploration

Man Plus

The American government works feverishly to complete a massive project to colonize Mars. Former astronaut Roger Torraway has agreed to be transformed by the latest advances in biological and cybernetic science into something new, a being that can survive the rigors of Mars before it is terraformed. Becoming Man Plus will allow him to be the linchpin in opening the new Martian frontier...but not without challenging his humanity as no man has ever been challenged before.

Year: 1976     Genre: Science Fiction

Nov 26, 1919 -- Sep 02, 2013

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1976Man PlusScience Fiction, Mars
1977GatewayAlien Contact, Science Fiction, Space Exploration, Heechee




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