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The Big Time

You don't know about the Change War, but it's influencing your lives all the time and maybe you've had hints of it without realizing. Have you ever worried about your memory, because it doesn't seem to be bringing you exactly the same picture of the past from one day to the next?

Year: 1958     Genre: Science Fiction

The Wanderer

The Wanderer inspires feelings of pure terror in the hearts of the five billion human beings inhabiting Planet Earth. The presence of an alien planet causes increasingly severe tragedies and chaos. However, one man stands apart from the mass of frightened humanity.

Year: 1964     Genre: Science Fiction

Swords in the Mist

Times are lean in Lankhmar, illuminating the link between money and love. Luckily, Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser don't always believe in love. When Lankhmar gets too gritty, our travelers take to their other, less harsh mistress, the sea. But the sea can play tricks on men, and so can the sea king.

Year: 1968     Genre: Sword and Sorcery

Dec 24, 1910 -- Sep 05, 1992
Author, Actor, Playwright, Poet

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1943Gather, Darkness! Post Apocalypse
1958The Big Time Science Fiction
1964The Wanderer Science Fiction
1968Swords in the Mist Sword and Sorcery, Lankhmar, Short Stories
1970Swords Against Death Sword and Sorcery, Lankhmar, Short Stories
1970Swords and Deviltry Sword and Sorcery, Short Stories
2002Smoke Ghost & Other Apparitions Horror, Short Stories