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Devil's Gate

A Japanese cargo ship cruising the eastern Atlantic near the Azores bursts into flames. When a gang of pirates try to take advantage of the disaster, their own boat explodes. And Austin and Zavala find they've got no choice but to investigate.

Year: 2011     Genre: ActionAdventureEspionage

Ghost Ship

Determined to know the fate of his friend, he begins to search for answers, and soon finds himself descending into a shadowy world of state-sponsored cybercrime, and uncovering a pattern of vanishing scientists, suspicious accidents, and a web of human trafficking. With the help of fellow NUMA operative Joe Zavala, he takes on the sinister organization at the heart of this web, facing off with them in locations ranging from Monaco to North Korea to the rugged coasts of Madagascar.

Year: 2014     Genre: AdventureTechnological Thriller

Journey of the Pharaohs

In 1074 B.C., vast treasures disappear from the tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs. In 1927, a daredevil American aviator vanishes on an attempted transcontinental flight. And in the present day, a fishing trawler--along with its mysterious cargo--sinks off the coast of Scotland. How are these three mysterious events connected? And, more importantly, what do they mean for Kurt Austin and his NUMA team?

Year: 2020     Genre: ConspiracyTreasure Hunt


When the most advanced aircraft ever designed vanishes over the South Pacific, Kurt Austin and Joe Zavala are drawn into a deadly contest to locate the fallen machine. Russia and China covet the radical technology, but the United States worries about a darker problem. They know what others don't--that the X-37 is carrying a dangerous secret, a payload of exotic matter. As long as it remains frozen, the cargo is inert, but if it thaws, it will unleash a catastrophe of nearly unthinkable proportions.

Year: 2017     Genre: ActionTechnological Thriller

Sea of Greed

After an explosion in the Gulf of Mexico destroys three oil rigs trying to revive a dying field, Kurt Austin and NUMA are tapped by the President of the United States to find out what's gone wrong. The trail leads them to a brilliant billionaire in the alternative energy field. Her goal is the end of the oil age; her company has spent billions developing the worlds' most advanced fuel-cell systems. But is she an environmental hero...or a rogue genetic engineer?

Year: 2018     Genre: ActionTechnological Thriller

The Pharaoh's Secret

Kurt Austin and Joe Zavala tangle with a ruthless powerbroker scheming to build a new Egyptian empire as glorious as those of the Pharaohs. Part of their adversary's plan rests on the manipulation of a newly discovered aquifer beneath the Sahara, but an even more devastating weapon at his disposal may threaten the entire world: a plant extract known as the black mist, discovered in the City of the Dead and rumored to have the power to take life from the living and restore it to the dead.

Year: 2015     Genre: ActionAdventure

The Rising Sea

An alarming rise in the world's sea levels--much larger than could be accounted for by glacier melt--sends Kurt Austin, Joe Zavala, and the rest of the NUMA scientific team rocketing around the globe in search of answers. What they find at the bottom of the East China Sea, however, is even worse than they imagined: a diabolical plan to upset the Pacific balance of power--and in the process displace as many as a billion people.

Year: 2018     Genre: Eco-DisasterTechnological Thriller

The Storm

In the middle of the Indian Ocean, a NUMA research vessel is taking water samples at sunset, when a crew member spots the familiar sheen of black oil ahead of them. But it is not oil. Like a horde of army ants, a swarm of black particles suddenly attacks the ship, killing everyone aboard, while the ship itself goes up in flames.

Year: 2012     Genre: ActionTechnological Thriller

Zero Hour

Kurt Austin is attending a symposium in Sydney, Australia, when he meets a stunning theoretical physicist named Hayley Anderson at the Opera House steps. Disappearing documents and sudden, unexplained earthquakes suggest she may be in trouble. And the clues point to a scientist who may have achieved in the impossible, the construction of a zero-point energy machine.

Year: 2013     Genre: Technological Thriller

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2011Devil's Gate
by Clive Cussler and Graham Brown
Action, Adventure, Espionage, NUMA Files
2012The Storm
by Clive Cussler and Graham Brown
Action, Technological Thriller, NUMA Files
2013Zero Hour
by Clive Cussler and Graham Brown
Technological Thriller, NUMA Files
2014Ghost Ship
by Clive Cussler and Graham Brown
Adventure, Technological Thriller, NUMA Files
2015The Pharaoh's Secret
by Clive Cussler and Graham Brown
Action, Adventure, NUMA Files
by Clive Cussler and Graham Brown
Action, Technological Thriller, NUMA Files
2018Sea of Greed
by Clive Cussler and Graham Brown
Action, Technological Thriller, NUMA Files
2018The Rising Sea
by Clive Cussler and Graham Brown
Eco-Disaster, Technological Thriller, NUMA Files
2020Journey of the Pharaohs
by Clive Cussler and Graham Brown
Treasure Hunt, Conspiracy, NUMA Files




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