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Allan Quatermain

With two travel companions Allan Quartermain heads back to Africa in search of further adventure. Teaming up with a valiant warrior and a timid French chef, they enter the land of Paradise, Zu-Vendis. But paradise is not without its dangers, and Allan and his band find themselves at odds with the two beautiful sisters who rule Zu-Vendis. A struggle is imminent—who will emerge the victor?

Year: 1887     Genre: Adventure

King Solomon's Mines

On board a ship bound for Natal, adventurer Allan Quatermain meets Sir Henry Curtis and Captain John Good. His new friends have set out to find Sir Henry’s younger brother, who vanished while seeking King Solomon’s legendary diamond mines in the African interior. By strange chance, Quatermain has a map to the mines, drawn in blood, and agrees to join the others on their perilous journey. The travelers face many dangers on their quest—the baking desert heat, freezing mountains, the hostile lost tribe they discover, and the evil “wise woman” who holds the secret of the diamond mines.

Year: 1885     Genre: AdventureLost World


She follows the journey of Horace Holly and his ward, Leo Vincey, to a lost African kingdom where they meet the Amahagger people and the mysterious queen, Ayesha, who reigns as “She” or “She-who-must-be-obeyed.”

Year: 1886     Genre: AdventureLost World

Jun 22, 1856 -- May 14, 1925

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1885King Solomon's MinesAdventure, Lost World, Allan Quartermain
1886SheAdventure, Lost World
1887Allan QuatermainAdventure, Allan Quartermain




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