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Mystery and Suspense novelist from 1990 to the present. Initially wrote hardboiled detective and mystery stories with his successful Myron Bolitar series. Then, in the 2000's, Coben moved to stand alone suspense and thriller novels centering around family secrets, crimes of the past, and the chaos and destruction they can cause in modern day suburbia.

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Deal Breaker

The debut of Myron Bolitar, a hotheaded, tenderhearted sports agent and one of the most fascinating and complex heroes in suspense fiction, Deal Breaker is a page-turning classic from Edgar Award-winner and master storyteller Harlan Coben.

Year: 1995     Genre: Family SecretsFootballMissing Person

Fade Away

Now, among the stars, the wannabes, the gamblers, and the groupies, Myron is embarking upon the strange ride of a sports hero gone wrong that just may lead to certain death. Namely, his own.

Year: 1996     Genre: Suspense

Fool Me Once

Former special ops pilot Maya, home from the war, sees an unthinkable image captured by her nanny cam while she is at work: her two-year-old daughter playing with Maya's husband, Joe--who was brutally murdered two weeks earlier.

Year: 2016     Genre: Suspense

Run Away

A perfect family is shattered when their daughter goes missing in this brilliantly executed bestselling thriller from a master storyteller.

Year: 2019     Genre: Missing PersonThriller

The Boy from the Woods

Wilde can't ignore an outcast in trouble, but in order to find Naomi he must venture back into the community where he has never fit in, a place where the powerful are protected even when they harbor secrets that could destroy the lives of millions . . . secrets that Wilde must uncover before it's too late.

Year: 2020     Genre: Missing PersonThriller

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Want ItGot ItRead ItYearTitle

1990Play DeadMurder Mystery
1991Miracle CureMedical Thriller
1995Deal BreakerFamily Secrets, Missing Person, Football, Myron Bolitar
1996Drop ShotMurder Mystery, Myron Bolitar
1996Fade AwaySuspense, Myron Bolitar
1997Back SpinKidnapping, Myron Bolitar
1997One False MoveBasketball, Corruption, Myron Bolitar
1999The Final DetailFamily Secrets, Murder Mystery, Basketball, Myron Bolitar
2000Darkest FearKidnapping, Missing Person, Myron Bolitar
2001Tell No OnePresumed Dead
2002Gone for GoodCold Case, Missing Person
2003No Second ChanceKidnapping
2004Just One LookPsychological Thriller
2005The Innocent: A Suspense ThrillerSuspense
2006Promise MeMissing Person, Myron Bolitar
2009Long LostMissing Person, Presumed Dead, Myron Bolitar
2011ShelterMissing Person, Mickey Bolitar
2012Live WireMissing Person, Mickey Bolitar, Myron Bolitar
2012Seconds AwayMurder Mystery, Mickey Bolitar
2014FoundMissing Person, Mickey Bolitar
2014Missing YouSuspense
2015The StrangerNoir Fiction, Conspiracy
2016Fool Me OnceSuspense
2016HomeKidnapping, Missing Person, Myron Bolitar
2017Don't Let GoSuspense
2019Run AwayMissing Person, Thriller
2020The Boy from the WoodsMissing Person, Thriller




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