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During the 1930's and 1940's, Hugh Cave created over 800 pulp fiction stories. Quickly, Mr. Cave became one of the top pulp writers who was qualified to write in most any genre for all of the top tier magazines. Although he is most famous today for his work in the Weird Menace genre, he produced a vast amount of material in many areas.

After the pulps, Mr. Cave's story-telling moved into the mainstream slick magazine market. Since the 1970's, Mr. Cave created a number of mystery and dark fantasy stories for the mainstream paperback market. His writing career continues today with stories appearing in magazines such as Cemetary Dance and a number of new novels.

Featured Titles:

Come into My Parlor

Come Into My Parlor takes the reader back to the great age of the pulp detective story, and to the world of the late 1930's.

Year: 2002     Genre:

Death Stalks the Night

This hardback is a must for fans of the Shudder Pulps. Hugh Cave's collection of Weird Menace & Horror stories is a compilation of classics from the heart of the Weird Menace era and from the top magazines. Published in 1995, and limited to only 1900 hardback copies, this collection has recently been nominated for a World Fantasy Award.

Year: 1995     Genre: HorrorMysteryPulp Fiction

Disciples of Dread

The lush island of Jamaica is a wonderful vacation spot — but Mark Donner's not on vacation. He's running for his life from the Disciples of Dread, an international terrorist organization whose leader wants to use Mark to trap his psychically gifted twin brother, Vincent, an American espionage agent.

Year: 1988     Genre: Thriller

Murgunstrumm and Others

Long before he became the author of polished romances for the slick magazines, of best-seller novels and firsthand-researched travel books -- Hugh B. Cave wrote some of the most grisly and chilling horror stories ever to appear in the pulps.

Year: 1977     Genre: Shudder Pulps

The Complete Cases of Peter Kane

No longer a Boston police officer, hard-boiled drunk Peter Kane made the easy transition to work as a P.I. Though now in private practice, Kane had a knack for cracking cases while constantly inebriated. Collecting the entire series, along with an all-new introduction by Bob Byrne.

Year: 1934     Genre: Hardboiled DetectivePulp Fiction

The Cross on the Drum

The Cross on the Drum is the story of the strange friendship of Barry Clinton and Catus Laroche - high priest of vodun, the savage, ritualistic religion which no white man had ever dared defy. It tells of the tormented, embittered passions of the other islanders - white and black - and how they undermined the bond between these two men, changing their mutual respect into brooding, vengeful hatred, and turning the island's drowsy, sunlit tranquility into a feverish, drum-pounding battleground.

Year: 1959     Genre:

The Dawning

In the all-too-immediate future, the day has finally come when crime, drugs, and pollution have made the cities of the world virtually uninhabitable. Gangs roam the streets at will, the police have nearly surrendered, and the air and water are slowly killing the residents who remain. But one small group of survivors has decided to escape the madness.

Year: 2000     Genre: Eco-DisasterNear Future

The Evil Returns

Haiti. In this land of mystery and magic, shadow and superstition, resides the most powerful - and most evil - master of voodoo. His ability to control minds has served him well indeed over the years, so well that his very name chills the blood of those who believe. Many thought him dead following a fiery attempt to destroy him. But magic such ascthis is not easily destroyed.

Year: 2001     Genre: Voodoo

The Restless Dead

A curse lingers over the Eversol mansion — a voodoo curse, born of evil, steeped in blood. The tormented family who lives in the house of horrors is beset by insanity, visions . . . and death. They have shut themselves off from the world, allowing no one to trespass on their blighted property. No one except Jeff Gordon, a university professor with a special knowledge of voodoo and the occult.

Year: 2003     Genre: Haunted HouseVoodoo

The Witching Lands

Seen through the eyes of Mr. Cave's narrator, Max, owner-manager of the Pension Etoile in St. Joseph, the people of the West Indies come alive. Max is a good listener, a student of human nature, and a consummate yarn-spinner. These are tales of action and adventure, tales of love, tales of political intrigue.

Year: 1963     Genre: Adventure

Jul 11, 1910 -- Jun 27, 2004

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Want ItGot ItRead ItYearTitle

1934The Complete Cases of Peter KaneHardboiled Detective, Pulp Fiction
1959The Cross on the Drum
1963The Witching LandsAdventure, West Indies
1977Murgunstrumm and OthersShudder Pulps, Short Stories
1988Disciples of DreadThriller
1995Death Stalks the NightHorror, Mystery, Pulp Fiction, Short Stories
2000The DawningEco-Disaster, Near Future
2001The Evil ReturnsVoodoo
2002Come into My ParlorShort Stories
2003The Restless DeadHaunted House, Voodoo




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