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The Eagle Has Landed

As the Allied forces slowly begin turning the tide of war, Hitler vehemently orders the impossible--kidnap Winston Churchill, or kill him. A crack team of commandos led by a disgraced war hero must venture into the heart of England to carry out their mission, or die trying.

Year: 1975     Genre: World War II

Night of the Fox

In May of 1944, shipwrecked American Colonel Hugh Kelso washes up on the shore of Nazi-occupied Jersey--with a valuable secret. As one of the few men with knowledge of the impending invasion of Normandy, Kelso must be rescued at all costs.

Year: 1986     Genre: World War II




1963The Dark Side of the Island Thriller
1966The Iron Tiger Thriller
1975The Eagle Has Landed World War II
1982Touch the Devil Terrorist
1986Night of the Fox World War II
2009The Wolf at the Door Thriller
2016The Midnight Bell Terrorist