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Initially a reporter for United Press, Jack Schaefer began his fiction career with the serialized publication of Rider from Nowhere in the July, 1946 issue of Argosy. He expanded the story to novel length and published under the title Shane in 1949, which is considered by many to be the best Western story ever written.

Jack Schaefer was a journalist and writer known for his authentic and memorable characters set in the American West. Schaefer received the Western Literature Association's Distinguished Achievement Award in 1975 and the Saddleman Award in 1986 from the Western Writers of America.

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Many folks in their small Wyoming valley are suspicious of Shane, and make it known that he is not welcome. But dangerous as Shane may seem, he is a staunch friend to the Starretts--and when a powerful neighboring rancher tries to drive them out of their homestead, Shane becomes entangled in the deadly feud.

Year: 1949     Genre: Westerns

The Canyon

Based on a Cheyenne legend, this novel holds universal appeal as it explores the theme of a man's conflict with his culture. It is the story of how Little Bear, a Cheyenne warrior who opposes war, reconciles the conflict between his personal values and the demands of his tribe. The dilemma faced by Little Bear gives rise to a story that is at once a compelling adventure tale, an authentic description of Indian life and ritual, and a parable of self-realization.

Year: 1953     Genre: Westerns

Company of Cowards

This classic novel of courage and redemption introduces Jared Heath. Heath, a captain in the Union army, is stripped of rank and court-martialed for cowardice after refusing to march his men into a suicide mission. Yet he has a chance to regain his honor when he is charged with leading Company Q, a unit of misfit officers also disgraced and charged with cowardice.

Year: 1957     Genre: Civil WarWesterns

Nov 19, 1907 -- Jan 24, 1991
Author, Journalist

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