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James M. Cain popularized the Noir Fiction genre in 1934 with his best selling first novel The Postman Always Rings Twice and his subsequent bestsellers Double Indemnity and Mildred Pierce.

Cain began his writing career as a journalist and editor on the East Coast before moving to Hollywood to work as a screenwriter. His best selling novels have all been adapted for film and television multiple times.

Cain's characters often times have no sense of right and wrong and are driven by lust, greed and bad decisions. Unlike other stories in the Noir Fiction genre, his characters aren't innocent, upstanding citizens dragged into a situation spiraling out of control. Cain's characters often commit the crimes which initiate their downfall. They set out on a path where redemption is rarely achievable or even desired.

In 1974, Cain was awarded the Grand Master Award by the Mystery Writers of America.

Featured Titles:

The Postman Always Rings Twice

An amoral young tramp. A beautiful, sullen woman with an inconvenient husband. A problem that has only one grisly solution--a solution that only creates other problems that no one can ever solve.

Year: 1934     Genre: Crime FictionNoir Fiction

Double Indemnity

Phyllis wanted to buy an accident policy on her husband. Then she wanted her husband to have an accident. Walter wanted Phyllis. To get her, he would arrange the perfect murder and betray everything he had ever lived for.

Year: 1936     Genre: Noir Fiction

Mildred Pierce

Mildred Pierce had gorgeous legs, a way with a skillet, and a bone-deep core of toughness. She used those attributes to survive a divorce and poverty and to claw her way out of the lower middle class. But Mildred also had two weaknesses: a yen for shiftless men, and an unreasoning devotion to a monstrous daughter.

Year: 1941     Genre: Noir Fiction

Jul 01, 1892 -- Oct 27, 1977
Author, Screenwriter, Journalist

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1941Mildred PierceNoir Fiction
2012The Cocktail WaitressNoir Fiction
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