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John R. Tunis was a novelist and sportswriter best remembered for his series of novels about the Brooklyn Dodgers in the 1940s and ’50s. Born in Boston, Tunis graduated from Harvard University and then served in the Army during World War I.

He began writing sports columns in 1925 and was soon contributing to dozens of publications, including the New Yorker, Reader’s Digest, Esquire, and the Saturday Evening Post. A tennis player himself, Tunis broadcast the first Wimbledon match to air in the United States in 1934.

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The Kid from Tomkinsville

Shortly before a serious accident ends his dream of pitching, Roy Tucker is called up from a small-town team in Connecticut to help the Brooklyn Dodgers out of a slump.

Year: 1940     Genre: Baseball

World Series

Roy Tucker and his Brooklyn Dodgers teammates summon every ounce of their collective skill to fight for the greatest title in baseball--World Series champs.

Year: 1941     Genre: Baseball

Rookie of the Year

The complex web of relationships that make up a major-league baseball team is the heart of this story about a rookie pitcher who becomes a threat to his team's chances for the pennant.

Year: 1944     Genre: Baseball

Dec 07, 1889 -- Feb 04, 0175
Author , Sports Broadcaster

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1940The Kid from TomkinsvilleBaseball, New York City
1941World SeriesBaseball, New York City
1943Keystone KidsBaseball, New York City
1944Rookie of the YearBaseball, New York City
1946The Kid Comes BackBaseball, New York City
1948HighpocketsBaseball, New York City
1962Silence over DunkerqueHistorical Thriller, WWII: Europe
1967His Enemy, His FriendWWII: War Crimes, France, Germany
1973Grand NationalHorse Racing




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