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Agent to the Stars

The space-faring Yherajk have come to Earth to meet us and to begin humanity's first interstellar friendship. There's just one problem: they're hideously ugly and smell like rotting fish. So getting humanity's trust is a challenge. The Yherajk need someone who can help them close the deal. Enter Thomas Stein, who knows something about closing deals. He's one of Hollywood's hottest young agents.

Year: 2005     Genre: Alien ContactScience Fiction

Old Man's War

John Perry did two things on his 75th birthday. First he visited his wife's grave. Then he joined the army. The good news is that humanity finally made it into interstellar space. The bad news is that planets fit to live on are scarce--and alien races willing to fight us for them are common. So: we fight. To defend Earth, and to stake our own claim to planetary real estate. Far from Earth, the war has been going on for decades: brutal, bloody, unyielding.

Year: 2005     Genre: Military SF

Lock in

a world shaped by what's now known as "Haden's syndrome," rookie FBI agent Chris Shane is paired with veteran agent Leslie Vann. The two of them are assigned what appears to be a Haden-related murder at the Watergate Hotel, with a suspect who is an "integrator" - someone who can let the locked in borrow their bodies for a time. If the Integrator was carrying a Haden client, then naming the suspect for the murder becomes that much more complicated.

Year: 2014     Genre: SF Detective

The Collapsing Empire

Our universe is ruled by physics. Faster than light travel is impossible--until the discovery of The Flow, an extradimensional field available at certain points in space-time, which can take us to other planets around other stars.Riding The Flow, humanity spreads to innumerable other worlds. Earth is forgotten. A new empire arises, the Interdependency, based on the doctrine that no one human outpost can survive without the others. It's a hedge against interstellar war--and, for the empire's rulers, a system

Year: 2017     Genre: Military SFSpace Opera

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2005Agent to the StarsAlien Contact, Science Fiction
2005Old Man's WarMilitary SF, Old Man's War
2006The Ghost BrigadesMilitary SF, Old Man's War
2007The Last ColonyMilitary SF, Old Man's War
2008Zoe's TaleMilitary SF, Old Man's War
2012RedshirtsScience Fiction
2013The Human DivisionMilitary SF, Old Man's War
2014Lock inSF Detective
2015The End of All ThingsMilitary SF, Old Man's War
2017The Collapsing EmpireMilitary SF, Space Opera, The Interdependency
2018The Consuming FireSpace Opera, The Interdependency
2020The Last EmperoxSpace Opera, The Interdependency




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