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For connoisseurs of imaginative fiction, the novels of Jonathan Carroll are a special treat that occupy a space all their own. His surreal fictions, which deftly mix the everyday with the extraordinary, have won him a devoted following.

"Jonathan Carroll has the magic. He'll lend you his eyes, and you'll never see the world in quite the same way ever again." -- Neil Gaiman

"Jonathan Carroll is as scary as Hitchcock, when he isn't being as funny as Jim Carrey." -- Stephen King

Featured Titles:

The Land of Laughs

Have you ever loved a magical book above all others? Have you ever wished the magic were real? Welcome to The Land of Laughs. A novel about how terrifying that would be.

Year: 1980     Genre: FantasyHorror

Kissing the Beehive

Bayer was fifteen when he found Pauline Ostrova floating in the Hudson River. The official verdict was murder, and the girl’s ex-boyfriend was convicted. But decades later, Bayer remains certain the killer still lives in his bucolic town—and he’s determined to write a book about what really happened. He’s come home for inspiration, but the longer he stays, the more Bayer’s investigation spirals toward madness and a final, shocking conclusion.

Year: 1997     Genre: Cold CaseMurder Mystery

The Wooden Sea

From the moment a three-legged dog limps into the life of Police Chief Frannie McCabe and drops dead at his feet, McCabe finds himself in a new world of disturbing miracles. His small town of Crane's View, New York has long been a haven of harmony and comfort--but now he finds himself afflicted by the inexplicable, by omens that converge to throw his life into doubt. And what he does over the next few days may have consequences for the whole world . . . .

Year: 2001     Genre: Fantasy



Want ItGot ItRead ItYearTitle

1980The Land of LaughsFantasy, Horror
1983Voice of Our ShadowHorror, Vienna
1987Bones of the MoonFantasy, Answered Prayers
1988Sleeping in FlameFantasy, Answered Prayers, Vienna
1989A Child Across the SkyFantasy, Answered Prayers
1991Outside the Dog Museum
A Novel of Love, Death, and Architecture
Fantasy, Answered Prayers
1992After SilenceFantasy, Answered Prayers
1994From the Teeth of AngelsFantasy, Answered Prayers
1997Kissing the BeehiveCold Case, Murder Mystery, The Crane's View Trilogy
2000The Marriage of SticksFantasy, The Crane's View Trilogy
2001The Wooden SeaFantasy, The Crane's View Trilogy
2002White ApplesFantasy
2005Glass SoupFantasy
2008The Ghost in LoveFantasy
2012The Woman Who Married a CloudShort Stories
2014Bathing the LionFantasy




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