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He's big and brash. His beat is the underbelly of Los Angeles vice--a world of pimps, pushers, winos, whores and killers. He lives each day his way--on the razor's edge of life. He was a damn good cop and LAPD detective. For fifteen years he prowled the streets, solved murders, took his lumps. Now he's the hard hitting, tough talking best selling writer who tells the brutal, true stories of the men who risk their lives every time a siren screams.

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The New Centurions

Ex-cop turned #1 New York Times bestselling writer Joseph Wambaugh forged a new kind of literature with his great early police procedurals. Here in his classic debut novel, Wambaugh presents a stunning, raw, and unforgettable depiction of life behind the thin blue line.

Year: 1971     Genre: Police Procedural

The Blue Knight

Now, with a new job and a good woman waiting for him, a kinky thief terrorizing L.A.'s choice hotels, and a tragedy looming, Bumper Morgan is about to face the only thing that can scare him: the demons that he's been hiding behind his bright and shiny badge...

Year: 1972     Genre: Police Procedural

The Onion Field

This is the frighteningly true story of two young cops and two young robbers whose separate destinies fatally cross one March night in a bizarre execution in a deserted Los Angeles field.

Year: 1973     Genre: True Crime

Jan 22, 1937 --
Author, Ex-LAPD Detective

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1971The New CenturionsPolice Procedural
1972The Blue KnightPolice Procedural
1973The Onion FieldTrue Crime, Non-Fiction
1975The ChoirboysPolice Procedural
1978The Black MarblePolice Procedural
1981The Glitter DomePolice Procedural
1983The Delta StarPolice Procedural
1984Lines and ShadowsPolice Procedural, True Crime, San Diego, Non-Fiction
1985The Secrets of Harry BrightPolice Procedural, Suspense
1987Echoes in the DarknessMurder Mystery, True Crime, FBI, Non-Fiction
1990The Golden OrangePolice Procedural
1993Finnegan's WeekPolice Procedural, San Diego
1996FloatersPolice Procedural, San Diego
2002Fire Lover: A True StoryArson, True Crime, Non-Fiction
2006Hollywood StationPolice Procedural, Hollywood Station
2008Hollywood CrowsPolice Procedural, Hollywood Station
2009Hollywood MoonPolice Procedural, Hollywood Station
2010Hollywood HillsPolice Procedural, Hollywood Station
2012Harbor NocturnePolice Procedural, Suspense, Hollywood Station




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