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Robert Ludlum's the Treadstone Exile

After the revival of Operation Treadstone, former agent Adam Hayes has retreated to Africa, determined to leave behind the black-ops CIA program behind for good. But his quiet life in Africa changes irrevocably, when, while attempting to complete a charitable mission in Burkina Faso, Hayes is attacked by extremists. Forced to make an unexpected landing, his plane is damaged and he is left in a hornet's nest of trouble.

Year: 2021     Genre: Espionage

Robert Ludlum's the Treadstone Resurrection

The first novel in an explosive new series inspired by Robert Ludlum's Bourne universe, The Treadstone Resurrection introduces an unforgettable hero and the shadowy world that forged him...Treadstone made Jason Bourne an unstoppable force, but he's not the only one.

Year: 2020     Genre: AssassinsCIA


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2020Robert Ludlum's the Treadstone ResurrectionAssassins, CIA, Treadstone
2021Robert Ludlum's the Treadstone ExileEspionage, Treadstone




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