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K. W. Jeter is the author of Infernal Devices, Morlock Night, the cyberpunk novel Dr. Adder, noir sequels to Blade Runner, as well as dark fantasy and other visionary science fiction.

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Morlock Night

Just what happened when the Time Machine returned? Having acquired a device for themselves, the brutish Morlocks return from the desolate far future to Victorian England to cause mayhem and disruption. But the mythical heroes of Old England have also returned, in the hour of the country's greatest need, to stand between England and her total destruction.

Year: 1979     Genre: SteampunkTime Travel

Dr. Adder

The one that started it all - K. W. Jeter's first novel that took him 12 years to get published, despite every science fiction editor in America telling him it was a great book, exactly what they should be publishing, but were too afraid to pull the trigger on. The book about which Philip K. Dick said "will change your notions of what's possible in science fiction forever".

Year: 1984     Genre: CyberpunkNear Future

Infernal Devices

The classic Steampunk novel from the creator of the term itself - thirty years plus ago. When George Dower's father died, he left George his watchmaker's shop - and more. But George has little talent for watches and other infernal devices. When someone tries to steal an old device from the premises, George finds himself embroiled in a mystery of time travel, music and sexual intrigue.

Year: 1987     Genre: SteampunkTime Travel

Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human

Set in the steel-and-microchip jungle of twenty-first century Los Angeles, this masterpiece re-created our vision of the future, telling the story of Rick Deckard, a 'blade runner' who tracks down and executes renegade androids. This time Deckard himself becomes both hunter and hunted in a race to prove his own humanity by tracking down the most elusive and dangerous android of all . . .

Year: 1995     Genre: Future Noir

Fiendish Schemes

The world George Dower left when he went into hiding was significantly simpler than the new, steam-powered Victorian London. Dower is enticed into a web of intrigue with ominously mysterious players who have nefarious plans of which he can only guess. If he can locate and make his father's Vox Universalis work as it was intended, his future is assured.

Year: 2013     Genre: Steampunk



Want ItGot ItRead ItYearTitle

1979Morlock NightSteampunk, Time Travel
1984Dr. AdderCyberpunk, Near Future, Dr. Adder Trilogy, Los Angeles
1985The Glass HammerCyberpunk, Dr. Adder Trilogy
1987Death ArmsDr. Adder Trilogy
1987Infernal DevicesSteampunk, Time Travel, George Dower
1993BloodletterAction & Adventure SF, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
1995Blade Runner 2: The Edge of HumanFuture Noir, Blade Runner, Los Angeles
1995WarpedAction & Adventure SF, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
1996Blade Runner 3: Replicant NightFuture Noir, Blade Runner
1998Slave ShipBounty Hunter Wars, Star Wars Legends, Boba Fett
1998The Mandalorian ArmorBounty Hunter, Bounty Hunter Wars, Star Wars Legends, Boba Fett
1999Hard MerchandiseBounty Hunter Wars, Star Wars Legends, Boba Fett
2000Blade Runner 4: Eye and TalonFuture Noir, Blade Runner
2013Fiendish SchemesSteampunk, George Dower
2017Grim ExpectationsGeorge Dower




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