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Leon Uris was an author of fiction, nonfiction, and screenplays whose works include numerous best-selling novels. His epic Exodus has been translated into over fifty languages. Uris's work is notable for its focus on dramatic moments in contemporary history, including World War II and its aftermath, the birth of modern Israel, and the Cold War.

Through the massive success of his novels and his skill as a storyteller, Uris has had enormous influence on popular understanding of twentieth-century history.

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Exodus is an international publishing phenomenon--the towering novel of the twentieth century's most dramatic geopolitical event. Leon Uris magnificently portrays the birth of a new nation in the midst of enemies--the beginning of an earthshaking struggle for power.

Year: 1958     Genre: Historical


It is the electrifying story of an idealistic young Catholic rebel and the valiant and beautiful Protestant girl who defied her heritage to join his cause.

Year: 1976     Genre: Historical

Aug 03, 1924 -- Jun 21, 2003

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1953Battle CryWWII: Pacific Theater
1958ExodusHistorical, Israel
1961Mila 18WWII: Europe, Warsaw
1963Armageddon: A Novel of BerlinCold War, WWII: Post-War, Berlin
1967TopazAssassins, Cuban Missile Crisis, Espionage, Paris
1970Qb VIIHistorical, Legal Thriller
1976TrinityHistorical, Ireland
1984The HajRevenge, Middle East
1988Mitla PassMilitary, Egypt, Israel
1995RedemptionHistorical Thriller, Ireland
1999A God in RuinsBuried Past, Political Thriller
2003O'Hara's ChoiceHistorical, Military




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