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(1905-1959) U.S. Author of 43 Doc Savage novels plus a number of other detective and adventure stories. Although Mr. Dent is most well known as the original and primary author for the Doc Savage series, his writing career and professional life included many other accomplishments.

From treasure hunter to rancher, from businessman to pilot, Lester Dent was a man of adventure much like his heroes. His writing career, in addition to the pulps, included the slicks, paperbacks, radio, and television.

Not only will you enjoy the action, adventure and heroes of these stories, you may notice that some of the characters appear to have been prototypes for some of your favorite characters later on down the line.

A Lester Dent Bibliography by Will Murray

Featured Titles:

Black Mask - Fall 2017

The greatest American detective magazine of all time is back with an all-new story by the creator of Doc Savage, Lester Dent. Also featuring classic hard-boiled detective stories by Horace McCoy, Wyatt Blassingame, Day Keene, Herbert Koehl, Kent Richards, Stephen McBarron, Dwight V. Babcock, Hugh B. Cave, and Edgar Franklin, all from the golden age of pulp fiction.

Year: 2017     Genre:

Doc Savage: The Sinister Shadow

When millionaire Lamont Cranston and attorney Ham Brooks are kidnapped by gunmen driving a black hearse, it spells trouble for Doc Savage. Trouble with compound interest when Cranston's personal lawyer is mysteriously murdered before he can consult with celebrated criminologist George Clarendon-who is secretly The Shadow!

Year: 2015     Genre: Hero Pulps

Genius Jones

The gold-dusted saga of a red-bearded young giant, raised in the Arctic on seal-meat and encyclopedias, who descends on civilization with a loud and solid crash. In his search for wisdom and adventure, the man Jones doesn't have Aladdin's lamp-but he doesn't really need it....

Year: 1937     Genre: Pulp Fiction

Pat Savage: Six Scarlet Scorpions

When a man so anemic that he could be a vampire's victim comes to Patricia Savage for rescue, the impetuous girl can't say no. Excitement is her meat and danger her dessert. Accompanied by Doc Savage aide, Monk Mayfair, Pat finds herself in the worst danger of her life. From the oilfields of Oklahoma to the forbidding Ozark Mountains, the trail of scorpionic doom winds. Will Pat Savage's first great adventure also be her last?

Year: 2016     Genre: Hero Pulps

Oct 12, 1904 -- Mar 11, 1959



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