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Collected Millar: The Tom Aragon Novels

Fast talking Tom Aragon, a Mexican-American lawyer turned private investigator, finds himself investigating a trio of missing persons' cases in the always bizarre California hills. One of Millar's few reoccurring characters and her only foray into the tradition of Chandler and Hammett, Tom Aragon, ranks among her best creations. A sarcastic but talented young lawyer with a few rough edges, Aragon finds himself navigating one entitled nest of vipers after another, not to mention racial prejudice.

Year: 1976     Genre: Missing PersonPrivate Eye

Beast in View

Hailed as one of the greatest psychological mysteries ever written and winner of the 1956 Mystery Writers of America Edgar Award for Best Novel, Beast in View remains as freshly sinister today as the day it was first published.

Year: 1955     Genre: Psychological Thriller

Collected Millar: First Things, Last Things

Perhaps no other installment in Collected Millar displays the staggering variety of form and ranging interests. Readers will find her final two mystery novels, which display the hallmarks of the writer in her heyday; the sharp social commentary and poignant black humor both well-couched in a brilliantly devised plot. This collection also sees her collected shorter works, which includes Dr. Paul Prye and Inspector Sands. Last but certainly not least is her darkly humorous autobiographical children's novel.

Year: 1986     Genre: Murder Mystery

Collected Millar: Legendary Novels of Suspense

The four novels in this collection straddle one of the most tumultuous decades of the 20th century and display Millar's uncanny ability to craft truly disturbing suspense fiction while still addressing social issues. Complex discussions of feminism, child abuse, and racism blend seamlessly into four of the most chilling tales ever told.

Year: 1960     Genre: Cold CaseMissing PersonPrivate Eye

Collected Millar: The Dawn of Domestic Suspense

A grim locked room mystery doubles as brilliantly funny comedy; a nuanced portrait of a marriage rocked by paranoia and loneliness; an examination of a deeply flawed mother's psychology-and its deadly consequences; a chilling noir tale about the value--or lack thereof--of a human life. Humor, politics, chilling psychological insight and the outright macabre are all on display in these novels, which were formative both for the author and the generations of writers who followed her.

Year: 1944     Genre: Domestic SuspenseLocked Room

Collected Millar: The Master at Her Zenith

In 1950s America the men are back to work and the women are home raising a new generation. The war is over and the boom is on. Everyone is happy. It is to this myth of the perfect American family that novelist Margaret Millar applied her scalpel. This volume includes five of Millar's novels of the 1950s, among her best-known works of literary suspense as well as some of the most compulsively readable, please-leave-a-light-on thrillers ever put to paper.

Year: 1952     Genre: Missing PersonNoir FictionPsychological Thriller



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1944Collected Millar: The Dawn of Domestic SuspenseDomestic Suspense, Locked Room
1952Collected Millar: The Master at Her ZenithMissing Person, Noir Fiction, Psychological Thriller
1955Beast in ViewPsychological Thriller
1960Collected Millar: Legendary Novels of SuspenseCold Case, Missing Person, Private Eye
1976 Collected Millar: The Tom Aragon NovelsMissing Person, Private Eye
1986Collected Millar: First Things, Last ThingsMurder Mystery




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