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The Shadow #1

The first volume of this new series reproduces both original covers by George Rozen, plus all of the original interior illustrations by Edd Cartier. This book also includes new historical background articles by popular culture historians Anthony Tollin and Will Murray (who collaborated posthumously with Dent on Seven new Doc Savage novels previously published by Bantam).


The Shadow #2

The legendary Crimefighter battles Evil in TWO classic Pulp Adventures: "The Chinese Disks" and "Malmordo".


The Shadow #3

The legendary Crimefighter battles Evil in TWO classic Pulp Adventures: "The Voodoo Master" and "The Red Blot"


The Shadow #4

The Knight of Darkness returns in two more thrilling novels by Walter Gibson: Murder Master and The Hydra.


The Shadow #5

The legendary super-sleuth returns in two more pulp classics by Walter Gibson (writing as Maxwell Grant).


Sep 12, 1897 -- Dec 06, 1985

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The Shadow #1
Golden Vulture / Crime Insured
The Shadow #2
Chinese Disks / Malmordo
The Shadow #3
Voodoo Master / Red Blot
The Shadow #4
Murder Master / The Hydra
The Shadow #5
The Salamanders / The Black Falcon
The Shadow #6
The Shadow's Justice / The Broken Napoleons
The Shadow #7
The Third Shadow / The Cobra
The Shadow #8
The London Crimes / Castle of Doom
The Shadow #9
Lingo / Partners in Peril
The Shadow #10
City of Doom / Fifth Face
The Shadow #11
Road of Crime / Crooks Go Straight
The Shadow #12
The Magigals Mystery / Serpents of Siva
The Shadow #13
Six Men of Evil / The Devil Monsters
The Shadow #14
Grove of Doom / Masked Lady
The Shadow #15
The Shadow Unmasks plus The Yellow Band
The Shadow #16
City of Crime / Shadow Over Alcatraz
The Shadow #17
The Fate Joss / The Golden Pagoda
The Shadow #18
The Golden Masks / The Unseen Killer
The Shadow #19
Voodoo Trail / Death's Harlequin
The Shadow #20
Jibaro Death / The Blue Sphinx
The Shadow #21
Death Jewels / The Plot Master
The Shadow #22
Tower of Death / The Hooded Circle
The Shadow #23
Smugglers of Death / The Blackmail King
The Shadow #24
Washington Crime / Quetzal
The Shadow #25
The Gray Ghost / The White Skulls
The Shadow #26
Vengeance is Mine! / Battle of Greed
The Shadow #27
The Python / The Shadow, The Hawk and The Skull
The Shadow #28
Master of Death / The Rackets King
The Shadow #29
The Shadow's Rival / The Devil Master
The Shadow #30
The Sealed Box / Racket Town
The Shadow #31
The Dark Death / House of Shadows
The Shadow #32
The Book of Death / The Silver Scourge
The Shadow #33
Strange Disappearance of Joe Cardona / The Hand
The Shadow #34
The Blackmail Ring and Murder for Sale
The Shadow #35
The Condor and Chicago Crime
The Shadow #36
Crime Rides the Sea and River of Death
The Shadow #37
The Third Skull and Realm of Doom
The Shadow #38
Dead Men Live and Dictator of Crime
The Shadow #39
Face of Doom and The Crime Ray
The Shadow #40
Cards of Death and The Crime Clinic
The Shadow #41
Chain of Death and Death's Premium
The Shadow #42
Bells of Doom and The Murdering Ghost
The Shadow #43
The Key and The Case of Congressman Coyd
The Shadow #44
Atoms of Death and Buried Evidence
The Shadow #45
Terror Island and City of Ghosts
The Shadow #46
The House That Vanished and Wizard of Crime
The Shadow #47
The Living Shadow and The Black Hush
The Shadow #48
The Money Master and Eyes of the Shadow
The Shadow #49
The Shadow Laughs! and Voice of Death
The Shadow #50
The Man From Shanghai / The Golden Dog Murders / Jabberwocky Thrust
The Shadow #51
Judge Lawless and The Living Joss
The Shadow #52
The Crime Master and The Fifth Napoleon
The Shadow #53
Garden of Death and The Vampire Murders
The Shadow #54
The Masked Headsman and The Golden Quest
The Shadow #55
The Green Hoods and Silver Skull
The Shadow #56
The Embassy Murders and Hills of Death
The Shadow #57
The Five Chameleons and The Wasp
The Shadow #58
Castle of Crime and Dead Man's Chest
The Shadow #59
The Green Box plus The Getaway Ring
The Shadow #60
Prince of Evil, Messenger of Death and Room 1313
The Shadow #61
Murder Genius plus The Triple Trail
The Shadow #62
Cyro plus The Man Who Died Twice
The Shadow #63
The Wasp Returns and The Devil's Paymaster
The Shadow #64
Death Rides The Subway
The Shadow #65
Gypsy Vengeance and The Veiled Prophet
The Shadow #66
Foxhound plus The Ghost of the Manor
The Shadow #67
Death Clue plus XITLI, God of Fire
The Shadow #68
The Thunder King and The Star of Delhi
The Shadow #69
The Garaucan Swindle and The Death Sleep
The Shadow #70
The Man From Scotland Yard and Zemba
The Shadow #71
House of Silence plus Spoils of The Shadow
The Shadow #72
Intimidation, Inc and Wizard of Crime
The Shadow #73
Seven Drops of Blood and Death from Nowhere
The Shadow #74
They Crystal Buddha and The Vindicator
The Shadow #75
The Golden Master, Death's Bright Finger and Reign of Terror
The Shadow #76
Death Ship and The Black Dragon
The Shadow #77
Temple of Crime and Curse of Thoth
The Shadow #78
Circle of Death and The Sledge Hammer Crimes
The Shadow #79
Crime Circus and Noose of Death
The Shadow #80
Shiwan Khan Returns and The Invincible Shiwan Khan
The Shadow #81
Murder Every Hour and The Time Master
The Shadow #82
The Spy Ring and The White Column
The Shadow #83
Crime Over Boston and Crime Over Miami
The Shadow #84
City of Shadows and Death in the Stars
The Shadow #85
Masters of Death and Voodoo Death
The Shadow #86
Treasure Trail, Crimson Phoenix and Model Murder
The Shadow #87
The Pooltex Tangle and Death Turrets
The Shadow #88
The Creeper and Death's Masquerade
The Shadow #89
Treasures of Death and The Yellow Door
The Shadow #90
The Lone Tiger and The Muggers
The Shadow #91
The Red Menace and The Black Circle
The Shadow #92
Murder House and Death in the Crystal
The Shadow #93
Brothers of Doom and The Three Brothers
The Shadow #94
Q and Formula for Crime
The Shadow #95
The Jade Dragon and The Chinese Tapestry
The Shadow #96
Death About Town and The North Woods Mystery
The Shadow #97
Crime at Seven Oaks and The Northdale Mystery
The Shadow #98
Gems of Doom and Tear Drops of Buddha
The Shadow #99
Mardi Gras Mystery and City of Fear
The Shadow #100
The Death Triangle, The Crimson Death and The Seven Deadly Arts
The Shadow #101
Gangdom's Doom and The Golden Grotto
The Shadow #102
King of the Black Market and Crime Caravan
The Shadow #103
The Romanoff Jewels plus Crime Under Cover
The Shadow #104
Double Death and The Robot Master
The Shadow #105
Doom On The Hill and Clue For Clue
The Shadow #106
Room of Doom and The Chest of Chu Chan
The Shadow #107
The Killer plus The Museum Murders
The Shadow #108
Vengeance Bay and Death Has Grey Eyes
The Shadow #109
The Blur and Blue Face
The Shadow #110
The House On the Ledge and League of Death
The Shadow #111
The Radium Murders and The Crystal Skull
The Shadow #112
Death Token and Three Stamps of Death
The Shadow #113
Legacy of Death and The Devil's Partner
The Shadow #114
Death by Proxy and Loot of Death
The Shadow #115
Keepers Gold and Forgotten Gold
The Shadow #116
Mox and Crime Country
The Shadow #117
Master of Flame and Town of Hate
The Shadow #118
Teeth of the Dragon and Jade Dragon
The Shadow #119
Crime's Stronghold and Death's Diamonds
The Shadow #120
Cup of Confucius and No Time For Murder
The Shadow #121
Hidden Death plus The Shadow Meets the Mask
The Shadow #122
The Four Signets, Five Keys to Crime and The Three X's
The Shadow #123
The Voice and Alibi Trail
The Shadow #124
The Ghost Makers and The House of Ghosts
The Shadow #125
The Death Tower and The Silent Seven
The Shadow #126
The Scent of Death and The Chinese Primrose
The Shadow #127
The Silent Death and Charg, Monster
The Shadow #128
Shadowed Millions & No Safety In Numbers
The Shadow #129
Mobsmen on the Spot and Murder Trail
The Shadow #130
Hands in the Dark and Murder Marsh
The Shadow #131
Vanished Treasure and Isle of Gold
The Shadow #132
Fingers of Death and The Blackest Mail
The Shadow #133
Syndicate of Sin and Merry Mrs. MacBeth
The Shadow #134
Creeping Death and Banshee Murders
The Shadow #135
Ships of Doom and The Ghost Murders
The Shadow #136
Wealth Seeker, Guardian of Death and Murder in White
The Shadow #137
Green Eyes and Gray Fist
The Shadow #138
Murder Mansion and Young Men of Death
The Shadow #139
Kings Of Crime & The Stars Promise
The Shadow #140
Murder Lake, Syndicate of Death and Mask of Mephisto
The Shadow #141
Double Z, Death on Ice and Death Paints a Picture
The Shadow #142
Five Ivory Boxes, A Quarter of Eight and Ten Glass Eyes
The Shadow #143
The Shadow Meets The Mask & Toll of Death
The Shadow #144
The Dead Who Lived and Crime Over Casco
The Shadow #145
Crime Cult and Taiwan Joss
The Shadow #146
The Crime Oracle and Murder by Moonlight
The Shadow #147
Trail of Vengeance and The Mother Goose Murders
The Shadow #148
The Shadow #149
1963Return of the Shadow 
1964The Shadow Strikes 
1965Cry Shadow! 
1965Shadow Beware 
1965The Shadow's Revenge 
1966Mark of the Shadow 
1966The Night of the Shadow 
1966The Shadow -- Go Mad! 
1967The Shadow -- Destination: Moon 
1974The Shadow #1: Pyramid PB
The Living Shadow
1974The Shadow #2: Pyramid PB
The Black Master
1974The Shadow #3: Pyramid PB
The Mobsmen on the Spot
1975The Shadow #4: Pyramid PB
Hands in the Dark
1975The Shadow #5: Pyramid PB
Double Z
1975The Shadow #6: Pyramid PB
The Crime Cult
1975The Shadow #7: Pyramid PB
The Red Menace
1976The Shadow #11: Pyramid PB
Kings of Crime
1977The Shadow #14: Pyramid PB
The Creeping Death
1977The Shadow #18: Jove PB
Murder Trail
1977The Shadow #19: Jove PB
1978The Shadow #21: Jove PB
The Wealth Seeker