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City of Flaming Shadows

An entire city in darkness, . . . . stripped of its wealth and gold, as the flaming massacre of thousands shroud entire neighborhoods. Richard Wentworth must single-handedly save the life of the woman he loves, while, as the Spider, he must battle the flaming shadows of death, and squash the Tarantula's spree of terror.

Year: 1934
Genre: Hero Pulps

Serpent of Destruction

The SPIDER faces the most vicious collection of criminals and degenerate killers ever assembled under one dark banner! The Serpent of Destruction is a vicious criminal whose goal is to become a kingpin of the ever-growing drug trade. The Serpent has enlisted the vast army to forward his new slogan: "Make it Smart to be Dopey" and has even taken to packaging his drugs with trademarked names.

Year: 1934
Genre: Hero Pulps


SERIES: The Spider

Year# TitleGenres & Tags

19343Wings of the Black DeathHero Pulps
19344City of Flaming ShadowsHero Pulps
19345Empire of DoomHero Pulps
19347Serpent of Destruction Hero Pulps, Drug Lord
19348The Mad HordeHero Pulps
19349Satan's Death BlastHero Pulps
193410Corpse CargoHero Pulps
193411Prince of the Red LootersHero Pulps, The Fly
193412Reign of the Silver TerrorHero Pulps
193413Builders of the Dark EmpireHero PulpsPulp Fiction
193414Death's Crimson JuggernautHero Pulps
193415The Red Death RainHero Pulps
193516The City DestroyerHero Pulps
193518The Flame MasterHero Pulps
193519Slaves of the Crime MasterHero Pulps
193520Reign of the Death FiddlerHero Pulps
193521Hordes of the Red ButcherHero Pulps
193522Dragon Lord of the UnderworldHero Pulps
193525Overlord of the DamnedHero Pulps
193629Slaves of the Murder SyndicateHero Pulps
193630Green Globes of DeathHero Pulps, The Fly
193631The Cholera KingHero Pulps, Bio-Warfare, Quarantine
193632Slaves of the DragonHero Pulps
193633Legions of MadnessHero Pulps
193634Laboratory of the DamnedHero Pulps